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The Growth of EV Sales & How to Maximize Battery Performance


As an experienced converting partner with high speed, precision capabilities, JBC Technologies is an integral partner to OEMs in the EV marketplace and can help you develop the best, most cost-effective solution for your EV battery design.


Thermal Insulation: How to Find the Right Heat Management Material


The right thermal insulation is crucial for proper heat management. Learn what to consider when identifying the right materials for your die cut parts.

Thermal Management Insulation Automotive Appliance Ceramic Blankets Ceramic Papers Needle Mats Fiberglass Synthetic Blankets

The Benefits of AutoZorb for Automotive and Appliance OEMs


AutoZorb is a high-performance acoustical and thermal insulation blanket. Learn why you should have JBC die cut AutoZorb for your applications.

AutoZorb Automotive Appliance OEMs Lightweighting Acoustic Insulation Conformability Attachment

Eliminating NVH When Lightweighting is a Priority


This post highlights some materials that will help design engineers achieve quieter, lighter products that minimize noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and meet today’s lightweighting standards.


How the Automotive Transplant Market Uses Die Cut Foams and Elastomers


The automotive transplant market uses die cut foams and elastomers for isolator pads, gap fillers, seals, gaskets, spacers, liners, and elastomeric springs. Foreign automakers choose PORON® urethanes and BISCO® silicones from Rogers Corporation and select JBC Technologies for automotive die cutting.

Automotive Foam and Elastomers

Foams and Elastomers for the Automotive Transplant Market


Foams and elastomers for the automotive transplant market need to meet demanding requirements from industry organizations and individual automakers. These materials also need to support material conversion, die cutting, and the delivery of die cut products that can help speed assembly operations.

Silicones Automotive Foam and Elastomers

Die Cut Solutions for the Automotive Transplant Market


The automotive transplant market uses die cut products for gasketing and sealing, noise and vibration management, elastomer springs, and spacers. Foreign automakers who source these die cut parts from JBC Technologies get value-added solutions made with PORON urethanes and BISCO silicones.

Automotive Die Cutting

Laminating Metal Foils to High-Temperature Insulation


Metal foils that are laminated to high-temperature insulation can increase the effectiveness of die cut heat shielding. Aluminum foils reflect radiant energy and reduce the amount of heat that high-temperature insulation must absorb. Metal foils also support micro-perforating and embossing (kalotte)

Automotive Laminating