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Die Cut Gaskets 101


This back-to-the basics post highlights the what and why of die cut gaskets, highlighting some common materials and applications.

Gaskets Die Cutting

Types of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)


Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) contain adhesive components that impart different properties in support of joining or fastening. By evaluating an adhesive’s advantages, disadvantages, and typical uses, you can make the right choice for your application. There are four main categories.

Adhesives Die Cutting

Die Cut Solutions for the Automotive Transplant Market


The automotive transplant market uses die cut products for gasketing and sealing, noise and vibration management, elastomer springs, and spacers. Foreign automakers who source these die cut parts from JBC Technologies get value-added solutions made with PORON urethanes and BISCO silicones.

Automotive Die Cutting

Graphite Gaskets for Thermal Management


Graphite gaskets are die cut from thermal interface materials (TIMs) with strong thermal conductivity. They resist thermal shock and dissipate heat evenly and rapidly across printed circuit boards (PCBs). Flexible graphite sheets support die cutting, bonding to foil, and the use of PSA adhesives.

Thermal Management Gaskets Die Cutting

How Pull Tabs Reduce Installation Costs


Pull tabs speed the installation of die cut parts. They reduce installation costs, but the benefits don’t end there. Pull tabs or extended liners protect die cut parts, make smaller parts easier-to-handle, and support the use of gloves.

Die Cutting Part Presentation

Large Parts Die Cutting


Large parts die cutting produces bigger, stronger parts that look better, last longer, and take less time to assemble. Examples of these die cut products include car door vapor barriers, hood liners, head liners, heat shielding, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, and large format graphics.

Die Cutting

Platinum-Cured Silicone Gaskets for Medical Devices


Platinum-cured silicone gaskets are used in medical devices that require ultra-pure, ultra-clean materials. JBC can die cut platinum-cured silicones for medical wearables and wired or wireless devices where a die cut silicone gasket may touch human skin or require repeated sterilization.

Silicones Strategic Sourcing Die Cutting Medical