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Medical Die Cutting for FDA USP VI Silicones


Medical die cutting for FDA USP VI silicones produces components for medical devices and equipment that are safe for direct or indirect physical contact with patients. Examples include die cut medical seals, sanitary gaskets, washers, wearables, and diagnostics.


FDA USP VI Silicones for Medical Devices


FDA USP VI silicones meet strict standards for cleanliness and purity. JBC Technologies can source, convert, and die cut these elastomers for medical devices. Medical silicones that are platinum-cured have low levels of extractables, VOAs and other chemicals that can lead into the compound.


Platinum-Cured Silicone Gaskets for Medical Devices


Platinum-cured silicone gaskets are used in medical devices that require ultra-pure, ultra-clean materials. JBC can die cut platinum-cured silicones for medical wearables and wired or wireless devices where a die cut silicone gasket may touch human skin or require repeated sterilization.

Silicones Strategic Sourcing Die Cutting Medical

Medical Seals and Gaskets: Die Cut Products for Medical Electronics


Medical seals and gaskets protect medical electronics from a host of hazards that can jeopardize patient health and safety. In this article, part of a series from JBC Technologies, we’ll examine three applications for die cut products in medical electronics.

Silicones Electronics Foam and Elastomers Medical

Medical Device Seals and Gaskets: What Designers Need to Know About Materials


Medical device seals and gaskets are die cut from medical silicones, PORON foams, and other specialized materials. In this article from JBC Technologies, we’ll present an overview of what medical device designers need to consider during material selection. What's the right choice for your application?

Silicones Foam and Elastomers Medical