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Thermal Insulation: How to Find the Right Heat Management Material


The right thermal insulation is crucial for proper heat management. Learn what to consider when identifying the right materials for your die cut parts.

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Gap Fillers for Heat Management in Electronic Assemblies


Gap fillers are thermal interface materials (TIMs) that move heat away from sensitive components in electronic assemblies. They’re made of silicone rubber and contain a ceramic filler. Like other types of TIMs, gap fillers are designed to fill the tiny gaps between a heat source and a heat sink.

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Thermal Tapes for Adhesive Bonding and Heat Conduction


Thermal tapes are thermal interface materials (TIMs) that have an adhesive on one or both sides. Like other types of TIMs, thermally conductive tapes are designed to move heat from a heat source to a heat sink. They support die cutting and conform well to surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.

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Thermal Pads and Thermal Films for Heat Dissipation


Thermal pads and thermal films dissipate heat away from hot spots in LED lighting, consumer electronics, motors, and other applications. From material selection to precision die cutting, JBC Technologies can provide the thermal interface materials (TIMs) you need.

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Graphite Gaskets for Thermal Management


Graphite gaskets are die cut from thermal interface materials (TIMs) with strong thermal conductivity. They resist thermal shock and dissipate heat evenly and rapidly across printed circuit boards (PCBs). Flexible graphite sheets support die cutting, bonding to foil, and the use of PSA adhesives.

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Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs): Four Types of Die Cut Products


Thermal interface materials (TIMs) create a thermal path from a heat-generating component to a heat sink, a device that dissipates heat. With die cutting, engineers can choose graphite gaskets, thermal pads and film, thermal tape, and gap fillers. Learn how these die cut products compare.

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ITW Formex® Materials: Properties, Processing, Products, and Applications


ITW Formex materials are flame retardant, electrically insulating, and chemically resistant. They're used in 3D printers, HVAC, electronics, automotive, and LED lighting. JBC Technologies can source, laminate, and die cut ITW Formex materials. Lamination can provide EMI shielding and dissipate ESD.

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Die Cut Foils: Applications and Markets


Die cut foils are flexible materials that provide heat shielding, sound deadening, sealing, and insulation. There are many applications and markets. Learn more.

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