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About Us

JBC Technologies has been in business since 1988 and was founded on the principles of quality, responsiveness, outstanding customer service and engineering support. Today, that philosophy continues premised on five core values: Don’t Ever Quit, Status Quo Can Always Be Improved, Be Multi-Faceted, We Care and Always with Integrity.

JBC Technologies is a solutions provider that utilizes die cutting and non-metallic fabrication skills complimented with strong product design knowledge to cost effectively produce simple parts, and American ingenuity to develop processes for difficult parts all made from a wide spectrum of diverse materials. An assorted array of state of the art cutting and ancillary equipment allows vertical integration to control costs, lead time and quality from start to finish.

JBC Technologies is headquartered in North Ridgeville, Ohio with a second manufacturing location in Madison, Wisconsin. The company is ISO certified and adept at meeting the requirements of automotive, aerospace, electronic, industrial and medical markets. Guided by our core values, the management team promotes regular company wide communication, embraces new challenges and encourages entrepreneurial risk taking. Our commitment to customer success is reflected by world class support and the ability to provide low and high volume cost effective and robust die cut solutions.


Our Mission

To create and promote an environment of continuous innovation and customized service to enhance the success of our customers, employees and other stakeholders.



To make the task of doing business  easy.


Core Values

Our core values identify the principles that we hope will drive the actions and behaviors of all our staff. They are the foundation for how we conduct ourselves in our personal and professional lives. It is our belief that a successful organization must embrace the spirit of these core values. It is these values that shape our culture. We are one team working together to achieve a common goal.


Don’t Ever Quit:

We thrive on challenge and view failure as nothing more than a solution yet to be defined. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of accomplishment where others have tried and failed.


We embrace people who can simultaneously juggle numerous tasks with a desire to do more. We thrive in a culture of controlled chaos.

We Care:

We care about the total solution with a need to exceed expectations.

Always with Integrity:

Be honest, respectful and make a profit but not at the expense of integrity. Do the right thing even when nobody is watching.

Status Quo Can Always Be Improved to Make it Better:

What makes sense and is brilliant today can be stupid and inefficient tomorrow. The quick answer to “Why?” is “Why Not?”. Always explain the “Why Not”. Seek, Identify & Execute Improvements.

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  • JBC response in helping us rapidly tool new parts was phenomenal! World Class Performance all the way!

  • JBC’s strong customer service support is second to none.

  • Employees make a company and that is why JBC is a great company to work with. Very responsive and willing to help out in any way possible. JBC is always a company we can count on.

  • JBC was instrumental in our being able to hit very aggressive launch dates.

  • JBC has always met our engineering requests with an open mind. They provide several options, quotes, and samples in a timely manner and when we need technical support they are responsive and willing to help.

  • JBC has been a supplier to our company for over 10 years and is now considered one of our core suppliers of foam type products. JBC has become one of our preferred suppliers due to their dedication and commitment to consistently provide us with good quality products at competitive prices, as well as outstanding Customer Service and on time deliveries. We value JBC as a supplier and look forward to a long and successful business relationship in the future.



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