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Converting Support Solutions

It takes more than state of the art die cutting equipment to be a world class die cut part manufacturer. The process of die cutting is actually the final step used to convert a material into a finished functional part. Often additional processes are needed to prep material prior to die cutting. JBC Technologies has the equipment to perform and control these process to produce the highest quality die cut parts. Wide web slitting up to 60” is probably one of the most common support processes. In addition JBC can hot melt coat adhesive, hot and cold laminate pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and even corona surface treat low surface energy materials that don’t aggressively bond with adhesives.

Even more specialization is offered where wide web materials must be perforated or embossed as often required with automotive heat shield materials. Finally, when it comes to thin high tolerance foam parts, JBC can split foam extremely thin while holding tight tolerances. This vertical integration enables JBC Technologies to cost effectively convert bulk materials into “press-ready” material for efficient die cutting.

Slitting Capabilities

  • Shear
  • Score
  • Rotary
  • Razor
  • Single Knife Slitting
  • Roll Slitting
  • Spooling

Laminating Capabilities

  • Pressure sensitive
  • Hot roll
  • Multi-Layer Constructions
  • Foil & Film
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

Foam Splitting

  • JBC can split narrow web foam as thin as .031″ and hold tighter tolerances than RMA.

Wide Web Embossing & Micro-Perforating

  • Up to 60″ wide for foils, films and papers.

Surface Treating

  • Corona Treating
  • Plasma Treating
  • Adhesive Promoters




  • Employees make a company and that is why JBC is a great company to work with. Very responsive and willing to help out in any way possible. JBC is always a company we can count on.

  • JBC response in helping us rapidly tool new parts was phenomenal! World Class Performance all the way!

  • JBC’s strong customer service support is second to none.

  • JBC has always met our engineering requests with an open mind. They provide several options, quotes, and samples in a timely manner and when we need technical support they are responsive and willing to help.

  • JBC was instrumental in our being able to hit very aggressive launch dates.

  • JBC has been a supplier to our company for over 10 years and is now considered one of our core suppliers of foam type products. JBC has become one of our preferred suppliers due to their dedication and commitment to consistently provide us with good quality products at competitive prices, as well as outstanding Customer Service and on time deliveries. We value JBC as a supplier and look forward to a long and successful business relationship in the future.



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