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JBC is a recognized leader in Automotive, Appliance, Electronic, HVAC, Industrial and Medical markets, providing
die cut products and solutions that demand tight tolerances and superior quality.


With over 25 years of experience and strong product knowledge we are adept at meeting automotive requirements and are able to supply flexible components for interior and exterior automotive
applications from design through mass production from low volume projects to millions of pieces per month.

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JBC supplies direct to OEM’s or through the tiers of commercial and retail appliance manufacturers. We have a wide selection of materials that can be custom fabricated to fit your application.

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Utilizing our engineering expertise and the latest technology we work with our customers to develop the process for their complex component needs from prototype to production. We are experienced in converting intricate products out of specialty materials requiring tight tolerances.

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JBC has a long history of supplying the HVAC market, with our strong product knowledge,material expertise and a variety of die cutting capability we can fabricate any custom die cut gasket for your specific application.

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With JBC’s expansive converting capability we can supply low or high volume programs. Our flexible systems provide the solutions our industrial customers are looking for with the ability to control costs and maintain quality for their custom seal or gasket.

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JBC Technologies is a leader in providing the highest quality solutions for the medical industry.From surgical materials to vents and skin contact tapes and foams, our solutions are held to the highest standards for the medical industry and their patients.

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Our team of engineers will work with you to provide an effective solution for your aerospace application. We have the technical know-how and experience coupled with our expansive manufacturing capabilities and materials to produce the product you need.

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  • Employees make a company and that is why JBC is a great company to work with. Very responsive and willing to help out in any way possible. JBC is always a company we can count on.

  • JBC was instrumental in our being able to hit very aggressive launch dates.

  • JBC’s strong customer service support is second to none.

  • JBC has always met our engineering requests with an open mind. They provide several options, quotes, and samples in a timely manner and when we need technical support they are responsive and willing to help.

  • JBC has been a supplier to our company for over 10 years and is now considered one of our core suppliers of foam type products. JBC has become one of our preferred suppliers due to their dedication and commitment to consistently provide us with good quality products at competitive prices, as well as outstanding Customer Service and on time deliveries. We value JBC as a supplier and look forward to a long and successful business relationship in the future.

  • JBC response in helping us rapidly tool new parts was phenomenal! World Class Performance all the way!



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