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By Tim Weiss on  4/8/2016

How to Source Die Cut Electronic Components

How to Source Die Cut Electronic Components

Electronic component manufacturers need product designers with application knowledge and technical expertise. These engineers are experts in electronic design, but may be less familiar with production processes such as steel rule, flat bed, and rotary die cutting. By partnering with an experienced die cutter, electronic component manufacturers can support their engineering teams. That’s why JBC Technologies offers expert advice about material selection and yield maximization and supports efficient assembly.

Expert Advice about Material Selection

Many of the materials that are used in the electronics industry are expensive. For example, particle-filled silicones for EMI shielding include elastomers that are filled with tiny silver particles. Precious metals aren’t just costly, however. They’re subject to price fluctuations that part designers can’t anticipate. Even if the prices of metal-filled elastomers remain constant, electronic component manufacturers want cost-effective shielding materials that can meet all of an application’s requirements.

JBC Technologies works with a trusted network of suppliers and can recommend proven materials for your electronics application. Often, an engineer will simply ask for an EMI gasket that uses a material from a specific manufacturer. By studying your application, however, we may be able to recommend a less expensive offset from another supplier. Depending on your shielding requirements, you may even be able to substitute a silver-aluminum silicone for a silver-filled product.

Yield Maximization and Efficient Assembly

EMI shielding materials such as particle-filled silicones and foil tapes aren’t all that we die cut for electronic component manufacturers. JBC Technologies also converts thermal interface materials and thermal management materials from sheets and rolls into heat spreaders, thermal insulation, and other die cut products. To maximize yields on the materials, JBC uses various processing techniques that result in the total lowest cost of ownership for our customers.

Based on your part sizes and production quantities, JBC Technologies can also recommend the most cost-effective die cutting technique for your project. Steel rule, flatbed, and rotary die cutting each have their advantages, but we can also produce prototype parts. JBC Technologies is ready to work with your engineering team during the design phase, and we’ll continue to support you by developing the best part delivery system for your application. So whether your assembly operations use manual labor or automatic equipment, we can help you to become more efficient.

Die Cut Electronic Components from JBC Technologies

Do you need die cut gaskets or die cut foil tapes for EMI shielding? How about die cut thermal interface materials or die cut thermal management materials? JBC Technologies also uses custom die cutting to create enclosure gaskets, dust shields, and acoustic insulation for the electronics industry. For more information on our die cutting solutions, please contact us.

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