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JBC Technologies has been providing industry leading, custom die cut products and solutions to the automotive industry for over 25 years.

  • Anti-scratch & Chip
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
  • Sound Dampening
  • Heat Shielding
  • Body Molding & Trim Mounting
  • Dust & Secondary Seals
  • Embossed Shielding Material
  • Bin/Compartment Liners
  • Spacers
  • Wire Wraps
  • Vibration Reduction Materials
  • Anti-squeak & Rattle Tapes, Nonwovens, Flocking
  • Maskings, Acrylic, PET, Polycarbonate, PVC, Polyurethane
  • Surface/Paint Protection
  • Powertrain Seals
  • Gap Fillers
  • Electronic Insulation
  • Thermal Management
  • Weather Seals
  • Safety/Restraint System Seals

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