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Die Cut Solutions for Heat Shielding

Engines and other machines generate a great deal of heat while they’re running and if not properly managed, this heat can make its way into all kinds of places it’s not wanted causing a whole host of problems. Everything from overheated vehicle interiors to premature gasket and seal failure can be caused by exposure to excessive heat over extended periods of time. Enter the heat shield.

While heat shields can take many forms, from a blanket of non-woven fiberglass insulation to a complete, engineered multi-layered composite like JBC’s TABshield thermal and acoustical patch, at its most basic, a heat shield is designed for one thing – to redirect or contain heat energy.

JBC has over 30 years of experience processing heat shielding and thermal management materials and our relationships with the key suppliers and end-users in this market makes us an invaluable supply chain partner. We custom die-cut and supply a wide variety of thermal management and acoustical solutions for manufacturers of on and off-road vehicles, industrial equipment and other heat-generating machinery.

Available Heat Shield Options Include

Insulated aluminum with or without adhesive backing

An ideal solution for a variety of targeted noise and heat suppression applications, JBC’s TABshield patch series reduces NVH, while fixing vehicle hot spots.

The combination of the heat-reflecting qualities of aluminum and the thermal properties of the insulation core provides superior thermal and acoustical performance.

Hot melt adhesive-coated aluminum Plain, Embossed, or Micro-perforated

Lightweight aluminum radiates the heat back toward its source. Hot melt adhesive makes it easy to bond during the thermo-forming process. 

Choose from multiple thicknesses of aluminum or stainless steel in plain, embossed, embossed and micro-perforated or micro-perforated options. 

Micro-perforated aluminum with or without adhesive backing

JBC’s micro-perforated aluminum offers all the heat reflecting benefits of our plain aluminum with the additional acoustical benefits provided by our micro-perforating technology. 

Order in sheets, rolls, or die cut to your specific requirements with or without adhesive backing.  

Embossed aluminum & stainless steel With or without adhesive backing

Embossed aluminum or stainless steel allows for better formability during molding and facilitates the use of lighter gauge materials. 


Heat reflective tape in sheets, rolls or cut to your specific widths

Lightweight and extremely flexible, JBC’s TABshield tape series provides reflective thermal protection for hoses, wiring harnesses, cables, tubing, plastic parts, plastic fuel tanks, fuel lines, and other engine components. 

Non-metallic heat shield and acoustical material options with or without adhesive backing

In addition to metallic and composite heat shield constructions, JBC offers heat shield and acoustical material options. Choose from: Superwool® ceramic papers and blankets, ManniGlas® fiberglass paper and needled glass mats, Autozorb® acoustical blanket, and other high quality material options. Contact your JBC representative today to see how we can help.


Thermal insulating tape With or without foil or adhesive backing

Ceramic paper with peel and stick adhesive backing for targeted heat protection.