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Medical Diagnostic Applications for Die Cutting

Whether you need precisely slit filter media for COVID test kits or, multi-layer laminate die-cut components for your microfluidic or lateral flow assay point-of-care rapid response test, JBC Technologies has the engineering acumen and state-of- the-art equipment to convert your medical diagnostic concepts into reality. 

Leveraging our best-in-class supplier network we’ll work with you from material selection, prototype to full-scale manufacturing in our ISO 8 Cleanroom. 

Die-Cut Applications for medical diagnostics

Medical diagnostic devices play a crucial role in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of various medical conditions. At JBC Technologies, we manufacture a wide range of custom die-cut parts for medical diagnostic devices to meet the unique needs of different applications  – many of which require tight tolerance slitting and/or precise multi-layer laminations. 


Here are just a few of the medical diagnostic applications we can support with custom die-cut products:

  • Microfluidic & Lateral Flow Assay Devices
  • In-Vitro Device Test Strips
  • Pregnancy/Ovulation Testing
  • Blood Glucose Evaluation
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Drug & Food Allergy Screening
  • Lab-On-Chip
  • Microtiter Plate Covers
  • Diagnostic Imaging Machines and Other Durable Medical Equipment

Materials used for medical diagnostic device components

The selection of materials for medical diagnostic devices is critical to ensure the product's accuracy, reliability, and safety. At JBC Technologies, we offer a wide range of materials to meet the unique requirements of medical diagnostic applications.


Some of the materials we commonly use to make our customers’ medical diagnostic devices include:

  • Medical Grade Foams
  • Polyester Films
  • Medical Adhesive Tapes
  • Non-wovens
  • Foils
  • Microcellular Urethanes
  • Conductive Materials

Here are just a few of the many material partners we work with:

We also work with customer supplied material. If you have material that you need converted, please reach out to your sales representative or contact us for additional information.

Partner with a Leading Medical Die Cutter

Why JBC For Your Medical Diagnostic Applications?

IVD test strips and other medical diagnostic devices with intricate die-cut parts require the services of a flexible materials converter that can laminate multiple layers of material together in one pass, perform complex island placements, and repeatedly hold tight tolerances.

JBC Technologies delivers on all of the above by combining the precision and speed of rotary and platen press die-cutting with a clean, controlled production environment

Just getting started on product development? We’ll work with you from product launch to full-volume production – leveraging our process design engineers, expansive supplier network and digital cutting to help with material selection, design-for-manufacturability, prototyping, and production trials.

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