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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Electrically Conductive Tapes For EMI/RFI Shielding & Grounding

Today’s design trends in electronics feature complicated antenna structures, higher frequencies, and smaller grounding areas – creating new challenges for engineers tasked with shielding against electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).  To complicate matters, EMI/RFI applications often have unknown issues come up in the prototyping phase and the design no longer meets Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards.  A quick fix is needed. And fast.   

Enter custom die-cut parts made by JBC featuring 3M EMI/RFI shielding and grounding tapes.

3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tapes - Go-To Materials

3M offers a robust line of Electrically Conductive Tapes & Films designed specifically for use in EMI shielding and grounding applications.  Not only do they minimize EMI noise and crosstalk, but they also provide EMI protection from a wide range of frequencies, adhere well to a variety of substrates, and can be die-cut to the custom size and shape needed for your application.

Technical Applications For Die-Cut EMI/ RFI Shielding Tapes Include:


  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Shield-can lid
  • PCB/Flex/Chassis grounding
  • Bond line gap shielding
  • EMI shield and gasket attachment
  • Electrical connectivity to medium pitch flexible circuits and PCBs
  • Flex circuit to flex circuit interconnection
  • Passive intermodulation (PIM) management

3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9703

3M tape 9703 is an adhesive transfer tape, also known as a Conductive PSA (CPSA). It features conformable silver particles, a Z conduction path, and is low outgassing.

3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9707

3M tape 9707 is an adhesive transfer tape, also known as a Conductive PSA (CPSA). It features an XYZ conduction path, a high volume of silver particles, and is very conformable. Other benefits include thermal conductivity, high adhesion, resistance to shear stress, and low contact resistance. 

3M™ Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9711S Series

3M tape 9711S is a Ni/Cu PET Woven tape featuring a double-sided conductive adhesive with an XYZ conduction path. Offers high adhesion, conformability, and low contact resistance.

3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9719

3M tape 9719 is an adhesive transfer tape, also known as a Conductive PSA (CPSA). The tape is a conductive Ni/C Nonwoven tape that features an XYZ conduction path and a silicone adhesive. Benefits include good adhesion to LSE substrates, strong peel resistance for LSE materials, and higher temperature resistance than product offerings that use acrylic adhesives. 

3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 3304BC-S

3M tape 3304BC-S is a Ni/Cu nonwoven foil-backed tape with the best EMI shielding & grounding performance of 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes for electronics. It features scratch-resistant black copper foil as well as good handling, workability, and low contact resistance. 

3M™ Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9701

3M tape 9701 is a Ni/Cu PET Nonwoven tape with medium adhesion. Benefits include low contact resistance, excellent conformability, and quick bonding.

Learn More About Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tapes On-Demand Webinar Minimize EMI/RFI with Die-Cut Adhesive Tapes

"Minimize Interference with Die-Cut 3M EMI/RFI Solutions," a webinar prepared in collaboration between JBC Technologies and 3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division (EMSD) provides engineers and product designers with the information they need to solve EMI shielding, grounding, and bonding challenges, fix electronic buzz, squeak, and rattle, and meet EMC design standards.  

The webinar provides application-specific examples for EMI/ RFI shielding tapes and adhesives, explains why conductive filler type and particle density matter, and offers an easy four-step selection process.

You can learn more by reading 3M’s Go-To Electrically Conductive Tapes & Films Selection Guide which provides "Good-Better-Best" rankings based on key selection criteria.


Precision Die-Cutting from JBC Technologies

With numerous high-speed, rotary die-cutting presses and the ability to fabricate intricate multi-layer parts with tight tolerances, JBC Technologies is the right choice for converted EMI/RFI shielding tapes and films. Not only are we a cut above the rest when it comes to converting and die-cutting, but we also work hard to add value at every stage, from product design support to value analysis/ value engineering. Our seasoned process engineers have years of experience solving complex manufacturing problems,  creating repeatable processes for difficult parts, and offering part presentations that offer the most value for the customer.  

Here are just a few examples of part presentations we can provide for EMI/RFI shielding tapes:

  • Slit to custom widths
  • Kiss cut to a liner
  • Island placed on a liner
  • Pull tab for ease of assembly
  • Individually cut
  • Adhered to customer supplied plastic injected parts

JBC Technologies for EMI / RFI Shielding & Grounding Tapes Custom Die-Cutting

JBC Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified 3M Preferred Converter. For the last 30 years, we’ve put our engineering expertise and vertically integrated converting capabilities to work transforming rolls of materials into custom-engineered die-cut solutions. Our die-cut parts have helped thousands of manufacturers solve critical design challenges in areas like EMI/RFI shielding, thermal interface, gasketing, sealing, bonding, heat shielding and thermal management, and noise reduction (BSR/NVH).  Let us put our expertise to work for you today.

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