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Environmental Control for Cleanroom Die-Cutting Precision Manufacturing

Does your custom die-cut medical part or sensitive electronics assembly require a clean room manufacturing environment?

Do you commonly run across product requirements that include terms like HEPA filtration, humidity and temperature control, and static mitigation?

Are extremely tight tolerances, island placement, and multiple layers of construction must-haves?


Clean Room Processing

Capabilities Overview

JBC Technologies is proud to offer our customers access to an ISO 8 / Class 100,000 certified clean room manufacturing environment with its own dedicated high-speed, precision rotary die-cutting press.

Our clean room has been carefully designed to meet the strict standards and quality requirements of the highly specialized industries that require that their parts be made in a low air particulate, temperature- and humidity-controlled, and sanitary environment. An ISO 8/Class 100,000 clean room dust typically benefits industries like Medical, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty, and Aerospace. 

Rotary Die-Cutting

Cut complex parts to very tight tolerances with low particulate levels necessary for medical and electronic applications.

In-Line Multi-Layer Lamination

Maximize productivity by combining multiple materials together and produce a complete die-cut product in one pass.

Island Placement

Reduce material waste and save money with precise web tension that ensures accurate placement at higher speeds.

Automatic Defect Detection

Eliminate gaps typically created by removal of faulty parts with inspection cameras at the end of the machine.

Clean Room Die-Cutting benefits

Quality. Consistency. Control. 

A clean room is about control and through this control the elimination of potential failure modes brought by the manufacturing environment itself. We effectively control the air quality, humidity levels, static charge, and temperature of our ISO 8/ Class 100,000 clean room, and as a result we’re able to repeatably produce, package and assemble large volumes of high-quality, sensitive die-cut parts and components.

Our clean room also includes a dedicated 2022, 10-station Dorey Converting Systems (DCS) state-of-the-art rotary die-cutting press. This high-speed cutting machine is capable of in-line multi-layer lamination and is designed specifically for precision, high-volume production using a variety of medical-grade adhesive tapes, foams, films, and other flexible materials.

Clean Room Die-Cutting Industries &  Applications

Industries often utilize clean room manufacturing when it’s known that various environmental factors including airborne particles, static, humidity and temperature can lead to final product failure or compromised performance. Parts or their constituent materials can often be contaminated by unseen dust and/or biological particulates and wide swings in temperature and high levels of static electricity can adversely affect final product performance. All of this can often lead to unwanted outcomes like part rejections or, even worse, final assembly malfunction.

Applications for Medical Clean Room Die-Cutting

  • Device attachment
  • Wound care
  • Drug delivery
  • Monitoring electrodes
  • Diagnostic components
  • Blood filtration cartridge
  • Surgical tool packaging
  • Ostomy rings
  • Tape sutures
  • Pulse oximetry tapes

Applications for Electronics Clean Room Die-Cutting

  • Bluetooth headphones EMI shielding gaskets
  • Smartphone camera lens mounts
  • CPU thermal interface materials (TIMS)
  • Outdoor camera anti-vibration seal
  • Speaker mesh gaskets

Applications for Automotive Clean Room Die-Cutting

  • Headlamp seal
  • Interior display touchscreen protection
  • EV battery compression pads
  • Rear view camera lens assemblies
  • Cabin HEPA filtration cartridges
  • Dashboard LED gauge cluster displays

JBC Technologies Clean Room A Controlled Manufacturing Environment

JBC Technologies is a leader in providing the highest-quality die cutting and material converting solutions for industries including medical, electronics, automotive, and more. If your project requires parts that are free of foreign particles, contact JBC to discover how our clean room capabilities can help.

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