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Supply Chain Solutions

At JBC Technologies, we don't just deliver parts on time and as intended—we empower our customers by helping them reduce inventory, improve turn times, and streamline their supply chain. Strategic vendor relationships with material manufacturers are key as well, because they bypass the distributor, improve pricing, and afford us the ability to impact how the product is made and delivered.

Our Inventory planning strategy incorporates tools such as:

  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Finite Bottleneck Scheduling
  • Plan for Every Part
  • SIOP

We form strategic partnerships with our customers as well—digging deep to understand their unique challenges and offering tailored solutions to help eliminate waste from their value chain.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

JBC delivers parts directly to your line, while eliminating costly expenses from your supply chain. Our VMI solution minimizes your material handling, ordering, planning, and logistics costs because JBC will do it for you. We monitor your usage to ensure that you always have product on hand when you need it. With VMI, JBC assumes the inventory risk, while you reduce your working capital.

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Are you under pressure to reduce working capital, but your usage is extremely volatile? A consignment solution might be the best option. JBC takes the risk of not having product onsite when needed by holding inventory at your location, but not invoicing until you need it. In addition to reducing days on hand, you can still receive volume discounts due to the way that we manufacture the product.

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Save time and resources at your facility. Let JBC kit your die cut parts for more streamlined production on your assembly line. We will design kitting solutions that minimize any unnecessary motion for your employees to ensure optimal productivity.

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Custom Packaging

When it comes to speed-to-market, every second counts. JBC will work with you to develop custom packaging solutions for die cut parts that eliminate waste and increase throughput at your facility.

Partner with a Die Cutting Company that Optimizes Your Supply Chain

It pays to work with a die cut parts manufacturer that understands your supply chain. JBC partners with you to provide creative methods that reduce inventory, improve turn times, and simplify the supply process.

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