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Elk Grove, IL JBC - Chicago Formerly HST Materials, Inc.

JBC-Chicago – formerly HST Materials – is an ISO 9001:2015 certified material converter and precision die-cutting specialist with over 35 years in business. JBC-Chicago manufactures high-quality custom die-cut parts from a wide variety of thin, flexible materials for hundreds of customers and industry applications that range from automotive interiors and lighting to food service and consumer electronics.

JBC-Chicago offers various converting options, as well as a selection of value-added services that include custom packaging, bar-coding, and kitting. So whether you’re looking for rapid-turnaround prototypes, precision mass production of single or multi-layer die-cut parts, or tight-tolerance slit rolls of adhesive-backed foam, JBC-Chicago has you covered.

As part of the JBC Technologies network, we have the support and backing of an organization with manufacturing and inventory facilities in four states. 

As part of the JBC Technologies group, we specialize in converting flexible materials and the precision die-cutting of custom components from engineered materials like silicone sponge and PORON® urethane.

Our customers represent manufacturers all over the world, and the impact of what we do extends far beyond die-cut parts.

JBC-Chicago not only delivers high-quality, custom die-cut solutions, but we also offer supply chain and engineering innovations, manufacturing excellence, and solid industry partnerships to help our customers succeed.

Leading Manufacturers Look to JBC-Chicago for

Quick-Turnaround Prototyping Rapid Response

Using our Atom Flashcut dieless knife-cutting table and customer-supplied 2D CAD files, we can cut even relatively complex parts – with dimensions up to 4.8ft x 9.8ft (1.5m x 3m) - from a wide variety of thin, flexible materials.

We can often provide same-day turnaround on plastic films and adhesive tape parts.

  • Multi-Depth cutting of foams up to 5” (12.7-cm) thick
  • Routing
  • Kiss-cutting/Creasing
  • Punching
  • Drag KnifeMarking

High-Speed Rotary Precision Die-Cutting Flatbed/Platen

Our diverse selection of die-cutting presses lets us offer our customers die-cut parts made from one of the industry’s largest selections of non-metallic, flexible materials.

We can typically make your custom die-cut parts directly from your CAD files or part prints.

  • Servo-driven CNC stamping
  • State-of-the-art high-speed rotary die-cutting
  • Wide-web die-cutting of large-format parts
  • Traveling head die-cutting
  • Dieless cutting and rapid prototyping


Specialty Converting Spooling, Slitting & Laminating Thin, Flexible Materials

JBC-Chicago offers in- and offline lamination, slitting, and spooling of a wide selection of thin, flexible materials, including foam rubber and double-sided, single-sided & transfer adhesive tapes.

We can combine multiple rolls into single long-length spools to help reduce machine stoppage and increase efficiency and laminate adhesive tape to most common materials.

  • Slit to widths from 0.079in – 60in (2mm to 1,524mm)
  • FEBA, Rewind Slitting, and rotary gang knife slitting
  • Traverse-level wound spools of foam tape

Performance Material Testing Services Inspection

Making quality parts doesn’t stop at the die-cutting press. We use the latest automated inspection and performance testing equipment to perform mission-critical measurement and quality functions like

First-article Inspection • pK Studies • Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R)

  • 90° and 180° peel adhesion tests
  • MicroVu Excel
  • Multiple substrate options
  • Precision-controlled laboratory-grade ovens
  • Adhesive force peel tester

Extruded Rubber Gaskets

We provide the highest quality extruded rubber profiles in sponge and dense rubber compounds through our partners Cooper Standard (formerly Lauren Manufacturing) and Clean Seal.

We can supply your extruded profile vulcanized, laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, die-cut, or fabricated as required for your exact application.


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • TS 16949

Custom Molded Rubber Plastic Components

Custom molded rubber and plastic parts are produced in China with exceptional quality and competitive pricing. Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, ECO, NBR, Buna, and Viton are available in a full range of typical durometers.

Single cavity prototype and multi-cavity production tooling will be produced to your CAD file. Samples will be provided along with first article inspection reports.


  • Compression Equipment
  • Transfer & Injection Molding Equipment


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001 with Design
  • TS 16949

Thin, Flexible Performance Materials for Die-Cutting

We can convert a large selection of thin, flexible materials into custom die-cut components for just about any application. Among the materials we can convert are cellular foam, dense rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, plastics, and other gasketing materials.

We also distribute molded and extruded rubber products, EMI RFI shielding, heat shrink tubing, fiberglass, and expandable sleeving, and we offer a variety of in-stock and special-order items available for sale. Here are some of the types of performance materials we use for custom die-cutting and precision converting. DOn't see a material you're interested in? Let us know.

Specialty Elastomers Dense Rubber

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  • Silicone
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Viton™
  • Nitrile (Buna-N)
  • Fluoroelastomer
  • NBR

Foam Cellular Rubber Sponge

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  • Rogers Bisco® Silicone Sponge
  • Rogers Poron®
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
  • Nitrile
  • Polyester Foam

Insulate & Protect Plastics & Films

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  • ITW Formex®
  • LEXAN™
  • Paint Protection Films
  • Mylar®

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

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We're a 3M™ Preferred Converter with decades of experience processing 3M™ high-performance adhesive tapes.

  • Transfer Tapes
  • Double-Sided Tapes
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes (3M™ VHB™)
  • Foil Tapes
  • Masking Tapes
  • Grounding & Shielding Tapes

Vertically Integrated Precision Die-Cutting & Material Converting

Rotary & Platen Die-Cutting


Dieless Cutting








Inspection testing


Extruded Rubber Gaskets


Custom Converting JBC-Chicago: Performance Die-Cut Solutions Precision Die-Cutting

JBC-Chicago is a die-cutter and fabricator of silicone sponge and dense rubber, plastics, films, and 3M™ tapes. We produce gaskets, seals, and molded rubber parts, and many custom-designed elastomer and tape solutions for the OEM market.  Quick samples, prototyping, competitive pricing, and speed to market.

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