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By Kate Gluck on  6/1/2021

5 Go-To EMI / RFI Shielding and Grounding Tapes for Die-Cut Applications

EMI_RFI sample kit

If you have read our post on selection criteria for die-cut EMI/RFI shielding and grounding tapes, you know that there is a lot to consider when choosing which tape is right for your die-cut application.

That’s why the team at the 3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division suggests starting your search with one of the five go-to products listed here. 

  • 3M tape 3304BC-S – This single-sided tape has the best EMI shielding and grounding performance of the five listed here. It’s a nickel/copper-coated nonwoven with a foil backing that features an XYZ axis conduction path, a low contact resistance, and excellent conformability. Another benefit is the low electrical resistance of 0.05 ohms in the XY-axis.
  • 3M tape 9711S – This double-sided tape features an XYZ axis conduction path, a conductive nickel/copper-coated woven fabric carrier, and high adhesion. It also features low contact R and quick bonding and is considered by 3M to be the lead product for most grounding applications.
  • 3M tape 9707 – This adhesive transfer tape features high adhesion, low contact R, and an XYZ axis conduction path. It is best for flex circuits with small well depth and exhibits resistance to shear stress. It is the highest performing silver particles option, features good grounding performance, is extremely conformable, and has the added benefit of thermal performance.
  • 3M tape 9703 – This adhesive tape features a Z-axis conduction path and silver particle conductive filler. It is extremely conformable and has low outgassing which helps protect electronic components against erosion.
  • 3M tape 9719 – This adhesive transfer tape features an XYZ conduction path as well as the best peel strength of the five listed here. Because it features a silicone adhesive, it also has higher temperature resistance (up to 204C).

To aid you with your selection process, we have put together a sample kit that is available to you upon request. The kit contains a sample of each of the five materials referenced above.  In order to ensure you choose the right tape for your application, we strongly encourage you to work with our team during the material selection and prototyping phase.

Request a sample kit here.

When it comes to converting your tapes into custom die-cut parts, look no further than JBC Technologies. Our high-speed precision rotary die-cutting capabilities enable us to present optimized solutions for our customers who need high volumes of parts with tight tolerances.  Another core capability we have is to provide various materials laminated together, including island placement.  This saves on assembly time for our customers. 

At JBC we pride ourselves on helping our customers from the very early stages of their projects.  We have a staff with 12 degreed engineers that understand both product and process.   Those engineers combined with our experienced sales staff and technical support team enable us to bring efficient and optimized solutions to our customers.  Our supplier partnerships with companies like 3M give us the complete package needed to drive value.  We will work with you closely to take your project from early-stage design all the way through to full production and provide value at every step. Contact us today.


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