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Choosing the right material for your die cut gasket or seal: A guide to foam selection


There are so many choices for foams for use in sealing, gasketing, BSR and NVH applications that it is not always easy to know which is best for a specific application.   Do you need a material with strong ozone and oxidation resistance? One that is petroleum resistant? Able to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures? This guest blog post authored by John Vinci of Worldwide Foam breaks down some of the key properties of some of the more common foams used for gaskets and other die-cut parts.

Foam and Elastomers BSR

Faces of JBC: Alex Williams


Welcome to the latest edition of Faces of JBC - the blog series that's all about the people that make JBC such a great company to work for and work with. Today's featured JBC team member is Alex Williams. Alex is one of our hardworking machine operators and he's part of the reason JBC has such happy customers. Without further ado, we're please to introduce you to Alex...

Team JBC

Faces of JBC: Cassie Caputo


In this edition of Faces of JBC - the ongoing blog series where we introduce you to the awesome people that do their best to help JBC be our best - we move from the warehouse to the production floor. Today's featured JBC team member is Cassie Caputo. Cassie is a first shift production supervisor and she's part of the reason JBC has such happy customers. Now, let's get to know a little more about Cassie...

Team JBC

5 Things that Matter More than Piece Price When Sourcing Die Cut Parts


As today’s purchasing teams are pressured to manage skyrocketing material costs, they often focus solely on piece price. This is a mistake. Piece price is not the full measure of total cost and overlooks many intangibles that impact the bottom line. Continuity of supply—and the reliability of suppliers—should be of far greater significance when selecting vendors and purchasing converted materials and custom die cut parts.

Supply Chain Strategic Sourcing

Solve Vehicle Hot Spots with Lightweight Composite Heat Shielding Solutions


When an automotive manufacturer tests for vehicle hot spots during production, the race is on. OEMs need an effective solution that won’t waste time or money—and they need it fast. This white paper from JBC Technologies delves into the problem of hot spots and how to solve them.

Heat Shielding Thermal Acoustical Management

5 Reasons Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Fail: A Guide to Preventing PSA Failure


Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) play major roles in many applications, providing creative ways for companies to assemble parts, remove buzz squeak, and rattle, eliminate mechanical fasteners, and more. Unfortunately, when a PSA fails, so can the whole gasket, seal, insulation, heat shield, or other die cut part it’s attached to. This JBC Technologies guide to pressure sensitive adhesive failure will walk you through the types of bond failure, what causes it to happen, and how you can prevent it.


Faces of JBC: Get to Know Wes Sechrist


Welcome to the next edition of our “Faces of JBC Technologies” series. We continue to feature the faces behind our brand, the people who every day bring their best to the table and help to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and services.  Our employees are the key to achieving our main purpose: make doing business easy for every customer. Today we feature Warehouse Manager/Production Supervisor, Wes Sechrist.

Team JBC