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Join us along with our supplier partner 3M on May 25th for an informative and educational webinar: Minimize Interference with Die-Cut 3M EMI/RFI Solutions. Register today!


Webinar: Solve EMI/RFI Shielding & Grounding Challenges with Die-Cut Tapes


JBC Technologies is proud to co-host an EMI/RFI shielding webinar, at 2PM Thursday, May 25. This informative webinar is designed to arm engineers with information they can use to solve EMI shielding, grounding, and bonding challenges, fix electronic buzz, squeak, and rattle, and meet EMC design standards.

EMI/RFI Shielding and Grounding EMI RFI Electrically Conductive Tapes Gasket Material Selection

Die-Cut Solutions to Minimize EMI/RFI in Connected Electronics


The sensitive electronic components that power the interconnected and improved user experience of today’s devices are increasingly susceptible to the challenges associated with electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Without proper shielding and grounding, EMI and RFI can compromise performance by distorting and delaying data. The good news is that in many cases this can be addressed with a piece of custom die-cut specialty tape.

EMI/RFI Shielding and Grounding RFI EMI Electrically Conductive Tapes Die Cutting 3M Tapes & Adhesives

The Cold, Hard Facts About Hot-Melt Rubber Adhesives


It wasn’t that long ago that we published our critically-acclaimed educational primer "Intro to Rubber-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives" and ever since our intensely loyal legions of fans have been hounding us day and night for the next installment. Today marks the second part of this soon to be award winning series and it's all about hot-melts.

PSA adhesives hotmelt

Selection Criteria for Die-Cut 3M™ EMI/RFI Shielding and Grounding Tapes


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can cause EMI noise, crosstalk, low signal-to-noise ratio, poor signal reception, higher error rates, and slower communication speeds, negatively impacting sensitive analog circuits and sensors. The good news is that in many cases all of this can be addressed with a piece of custom die-cut specialty tape. This post highlights 10 questions to ask to help narrow down which die-cut 3M Electrically Conductive Tape is right for your application.

Electrically Conductive Tapes EMI RFI EMC EMI/RFI Shielding and Grounding 3M Tapes & Adhesives

8 Gasket Materials for Mid-Range Ambient Temperature Applications


Solid rubber gasket materials such as Nitrile, Neoprene, and EPDM are popular choices for use in mid-range temperature sealing environments, as are a variety of open and closed cell foams and sponge rubbers. This post highlights eight common gasket materials die-cut by JBC for use in moderate temperature applications.

Die-cut gaskets Gasket Material Selection Gaskets Foam

Intro to Rubber-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives


As a flexible materials converter, our customers’ requirements often have us laminating a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to another material, like foam, felt, flock, fiberglass insulation, or even metal foil. The adhesives we use include high-performance, high-temperature silicones, mid-range acrylics, and, the focus of this post, lower-cost, high-tack rubber adhesives...

Rubber-Based Adhesives Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Die-Cut Tapes & Adhesives for Medical Applications


Precision die-cut foams, non-wovens, and medical-grade adhesives are used in medical component assembly, device attachment, on-body medical devices, surgical dressing, incise drape solutions, and more. From nonwoven, breathable medical tapes that comfortably conform to human skin, to non-irritating medical-grade acrylics to attach or assemble medical devices, a variety of products exist to support the medical device industry. Here we highlight just a handful of the hundreds of industry-leading pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes.

long term wearable adhesives die cuts for wearable medical devices medical adhesives Medical grade nonwoven tapes Medical Die Cutting

4 Gasket Materials for Mid-Range Temperature Sealing


Die-cut gaskets can play a critical role in the overall performance and safety of a part or product. They can endure harsh environments and provide long-lasting, tight seals against air, moisture,

Die-cut gaskets Gasket Material Selection Gaskets

Preventing Gasket Failure Part 3: Environment


Today, manufacturers can choose from a wide range of gasket materials that can endure a combination of environmental conditions. This post highlights five of the most common environmental requirements and some of the materials best suited to address them.

Preventing Gasket Failure Die-cut gaskets Gasket Material Selection

Faces of JBC: Get to Know Chloe Chow


Welcome to the March 2021 edition of “Faces of JBC”-- a series that features the folks who work day in and day out to make sure our customers receive stellar service and high-quality gaskets, seals, heat shields, acrylic foam tapes, and other custom die-cut products. Today we feature Process Engineer, Chloe Chow

Faces of JBC #teamjbc

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