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5 Reasons to Include Flexible Graphite in your EV Battery Material Stack


Neograf’s eGraf® SpreaderShield™ is steadily gaining traction as a material of choice within the EV space. Today’s post, which features insights and input from Bret Trimmer, Applications Engineering Manager at NeoGraf Solutions, LLC, will highlight the five benefits of using a layer of die-cut flexible graphite within an electric vehicle battery—at the pack level, the module level, and in between the battery cells themselves.

Die-Cut EV Battery Components graphite electric vehicle battery pack components

Pattern Coated Adhesives & Long-Term Wear Stick-to-Skin Applications


When designing a stick-to-skin die-cut adhesive patch for long-term wear medical or health and beauty applications, it is important to select a carrier that balances breathability and moisture transmission with an adhesive’s ability to seal out contaminants. Materials with the right balance will stay adhered to the skin while minimizing moisture build-up, improving patient comfort, and reducing the risk of infection. This article examines which carriers offer higher moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) levels for long-term wear stick-to-skin applications and how pattern-coated adhesives can benefit MVTR.

stick-to-skin adhesives long term wearable adhesives die cuts for wearable medical devices medical adhesives Medical Die Cutting die cut medical device components

Die-Cut Adhesives – Applications and Benefits Within the Electric Vehicle Battery Pack


Within the world of the EV battery, there are many applications for custom die-cut materials, in particular, tapes and adhesives. What lies ahead will be an educational journey through the many benefits one might see when choosing to use die-cut pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes instead of mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives and sealants in an EV battery application.

Die Cut Solutions for EV Batteries electric vehicle battery pack components Adhesives

Short- vs. Long-term Wear Stick-to-Skin Adhesives


When selecting a pressure-sensitive adhesive for stick-to-skin applications, product designers seek to balance adhesion with breathability, conformability, and removability. Some applications require short-term wear adhesives that can stay bonded to the body for a few minutes up to a few days. Other applications require long-term adhesion to a patient’s skin—securing a device or patch to the body for up to 21 days. This post highlights some different applications for short- and long-term wear adhesives and (more importantly) examines what design engineers need to consider when selecting carriers and adhesives for on-body applications.

die cuts for wearable medical devices medical adhesives Medical Die Cutting stick-to-skin adhesives long term wearable adhesives

6 Reasons to Work with JBC Technologies for Your Pulse Oximeter Bandage Converting Needs


Skin is complex to bond to for a number of reasons And, turning skin-friendly tapes and adhesives into finished pulse oximeter bandages requires state-of-the-art equipment and engineering prowess that many converters don’t have. It is important to work with a converter that has strong relationships with multiple adhesive manufacturers as well as the high speed, precision die-cutting equipment needed to produce complex parts… and one that will go the extra mile to ensure customer success. This post outlines six reasons that JBC checks all the right boxes.

Pulse Oximeter Bandage Die Cutting die cuts for wearable medical devices medical adhesives Medical Die Cutting die cut medical device components

Adhesives for EV Battery Applications: Q&A


It’s been a while since our last Q&A post, but we are back at it again — this time interviewing Scott Krusinski, Product Manager - Automotive & Other Transportation for Avery Dennison Performance Tapes North America. Scott was kind enough to share his insights on how die cut tapes and adhesives can add value in electric vehicle battery applications. With no further ado..

Adhesives EV Battery Die Cut Automotive Solutions Die-Cut EV Battery Components

4 Benefits Of Working With a Flexible Materials Converter


At JBC we cut specific shapes, slit to custom widths, swap liners, and present your part in the way that best suits your production environment. Not only that, we work with customers from early-stage design through high-volume production, providing value throughout the project lifecycle. This article, the last of our three-part series, explores four ways that working with a flexible materials converter like JBC Technologies can add value to your manufacturing process.

Die Cutting LSE Adhesives Converting

5 Automotive Applications for Die-Cut Low Surface Energy Tapes & Adhesives


This article, the second in our three-part series, describes five common automotive applications that can benefit from a low surface energy adhesive. It will also discuss the benefits of each adhesive, as well as the advantages that JBC Technologies provides with our vertically integrated die-cutting and converting services.

Low Surface Energy Adhesives Bonding LSE Plastics Die Cut Automotive Solutions

Bonding Low Surface Energy (LSE) Materials


Engineered plastics (like polypropylene and thermoplastics such as Nylon, COC, COP and PEBA, TPO, or TPE) and composites increasingly used in place of metals for automotive, appliance, aerospace, electronic, and medical applications. Yet while there are significant benefits to these materials, they are very difficult to adhere to due to a phenomenon called surface energy. This article, the first of our three-part series, will explain the importance of surface energy in the bonding process, and how 3M low surface energy (LSE) adhesives allow for a clean and secure bond on low surface energy plastics.

LSE Adhesives Bonding Low Surface Energy Plastics

Wearable Adhesives for Stick-to-Skin Applications


The applications are nearly endless when it comes to stick-to-skin wearable device tapes and adhesives. Diabetic patients can monitor glucose levels with non-invasive on-body, continuous monitoring systems that allow them to go about their lives relatively unhindered. Individuals can gradually quit smoking through the use of die-cut transdermal patches that deliver a specific amount of nicotine through the skin and into the bloodstream

die cuts for wearable medical devices die cut medical device components stick-to-skin adhesives Medical Die Cutting medical adhesives Wearable skin tapes and patches

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