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By Kaley Lucien on  6/27/2023

Faces of JBC: Get to Know Brian Minter, General Manager of JBC's Northglenn Colorado Division

Brian Minter, General Manager

It's that time again... time to introduce another one of JBC's awesome team members.  Today we are proud to introduce Brian Minter -- the General Manager of our Northglenn, Colorado facility.   Without any further ado, let's get started! 

Where did you work prior to JBC?

Prior to coming to the JBC organization, I worked for 16 years at BAND-IT-IDEX, a steel clamp factory in Denver.  During my time there, I served in a variety of roles, including Mfg Engineering, Operations Manager, and Value Stream Manager.

Why did you decide to go into Converting? What do you like most about it?

I spent a significant amount of my career in metal-forming and metal-stamping facilities.  I was intrigued by the world of converting and cutting flexible materials, and I appreciate the dynamics of a factory that is running a mix of high and low volume products.  Even after a year on the job, I continue to be amazed at the myriad of shapes, sizes, materials, and applications that are handled by our teams.  And, it doesn’t hurt that the operations are much quieter and a whole lot cleaner than in past factories.

Describe your role at JBC Technologies and how it fits with the big picture of the organization.

 I like to think of my role in the JBC organization as the associate that supports the associates that are supporting the customers.

What attracted you to JBC Technologies and what is your favorite part of your General Manager role?

There were multiple facets of JBC Technologies that drew me to the organization:

  • The focus on engaged and supported teams
  • The focus on the Continuous Improvement Framework
  • The opportunity for learning and growth in a very dynamic business
  • And, the privilege to work for a site staffed with passionate, dedicated, and successful associates

Tell us about the Northglenn, Colorado team. What makes them special? 

The JBC Northglenn, Colorado team is an engaged, proud, nimble, and hardworking roster of associates who arrive to work every morning with a desire to serve our customers.  The diversity of our backgrounds combined with our enthusiasm for a job well done creates an effective and energizing workplace.

What is the most interesting or different thing about working at JBC Technologies?

There are several things that I appreciate as an associate at JBC, including the commitments to excellence that we make to our customers, the commitment to support and development and engagement of our associates, and the desire to continually drive to make doing business easy.  If I had to single out one thing, it would be the opportunity to work with my fellow General Managers at the Elk Grove and Madison sites.  Their backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and support are extremely helpful and inspiring to me.

What has been your favorite project since joining "Team JBC"?

I enjoy each and every “project” that we tackle as they are opportunities to develop, collaborate, and advance our team and business.  If I had to pick one locally, it would be the Rack Attack II project in the Denver site where the entire team tackled the clean-up, disassembly, and relocation of the central racks that had been blocking the flow of products and people.  We completed the project with a perfect Safety record.  We finished the work on-time. And we celebrated with an awesome Torta lunch. August 25th at our facility is now known as the Dia de las Tortas. 

But, having just completed our ERP migration and transition into the JBC organization, I have enjoyed the efforts and support that have come from everyone who has contributed to our preparation, training, discovery, and completion of the cutover.          

Can you describe your job/company in three words?

 Must.  Go.  Faster. 

What are you most proud of while working here at JBC?

I am proud of our team of associates, both on site here in Colorado and those I have worked with across the sites.  Despite the challenges we are all facing with the growth and transformation of the organization, there is purpose, passion, and pride emanating from each team member. 

What is your greatest motivation?

My strongest and most fundamental motivation is know that I am working to support those who serve our customers.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

 Soccer, cycling, wrenching on cars with my sons, cooking, Legos, and almost all things Star Wars

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

 I coached competitive youth soccer at a not-for-profit local soccer club for 19 years.  I had the opportunity to work with all ages and ethnicities, girls and boys, from U5 all the way up to U19.  Much of my energy, my passion, my appreciation of diversity, and my love of teams come from the experiences I had coaching the kids.



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