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By Tim Weiss on  6/9/2016

How Material Selection and Engineering Support Add Value

How Material Selection and Engineering Support Add Value

Engineers work closely with sourcing managers at the start of the product development process. Sourcing managers build a strategic supplier network, and engineers engage individual vendors during the course of a project or program. Many companies offer die cutting services, but not every die cutter provides the same type of technical assistance. By choosing a custom die cutter with technical expertise, engineers can get answers to a range of design and manufacturing questions.

JBC Technologies is an experienced die cutter that adds value to your projects through rapid prototyping, custom packaging, and assembly automation. Our technical team can also help you with material selection and engineering support. With our extensive inventory of materials, we can offer fast turn-around times to meet tight production schedules. JBC Technologies also works with advanced materials and specializes in complex processing. We can convert, slit, and laminate customer-supplied materials, too.

More Than a Die Cutter

Because we take the time to understand your requirements, JBC Technologies can recommend the right material for your specific application. For example, if you need to reduce heat and noise, we’ll help you compare different types of die cut thermal and acoustical insulation. Available products include plain and foil-faced materials, and die cut insulation with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) for ease-of-installation. JBC also supplies die cut thermal management material for heat sinks.

To eliminate buzzing, squeaking, or rattling sounds, JBC Technologies can supply die cut felt or die cut fabric with a PSA. Choices include recycled felts, fabrics, and flocks that meet automotive industry standards. Our technical team can also help you create a die cut foil, film, or paper barrier that absorbs, reflects, or dissipates heat. Then, because we buy materials in the most cost-effective dimensions and convert them efficiently, our vertical integration lets us pass the savings along to you.

Your Strategic Sourcing Partner

JBC Technologies can also die cut elastomers and foams, solid rubber, and flexible and rigid plastics. If your project requires sealing, gasketing, gap-filling, or absorbing, we can recommend open cell or closed cell sponge rubber in low, medium, or high densities. JBC can also die cut rubber materials such as EDPM, neoprene, and particle-filled silicones for EMI shielding. The die cut plastic materials that we offer find applications in surface protection and friction reduction, and are available as thin as .0005”.

By offering value-added solutions like material selection and engineering support, JBC exceeds your engineering department’s expectations. In addition to the materials listed above, we can help you select technical papers, tapes and adhesive materials, and specialty materials for die cutting. Are you ready for a custom die cutter that does more? To learn more about our capabilities and how they can help you, contact JBC Technologies.

Strategic Sourcing Engineering

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