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TABshield Image

Thermal Acoustical Barrier TABshield

Achieve superior thermal and acoustic performance under tough conditions.

A lightweight alternative to traditional metal heat shields, JBC’s TABshield patch series is easy-to-install, conformable to most shapes, and an ideal solution for a variety of targeted noise and heat suppression applications. Available in sheets, rolls, or die-cut to your specification, TABshield patches may be customized with pull tabs for easier liner removal, adhesive for ease of installation, embossing for better formability, and/or microperforating for improved acoustical performance.


Typical Properties

TABshield labeled layers

Construction: Needled core laminated with foil and optional PSA

Moisture Absorption: 0.3%

Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K):

20°C 65°C 93°C
0.034 0.038 0.044

Per ASTM C177-13

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Reflect Icon

Reflects radiant heat

for thermal protection

Sound Icon

Absorbs engine & road noise

for improved acoustics and passenger comfort

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for reduced fuel consumption and emissions

Peel And Stick Icon

Optional peel & stick adhesive backing

for ease of installation

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for better formability

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Low cost tooling

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Meets OEM specifications

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Made in the USA

TABshield Applications

Targeted thermal protection for engine shields, tunnel insulators, dash insulators, hood insulators, engine compartments, exhaust shields, tunnel shields, marine heat shields, HVAC, and more.

Ideal in areas with space constraints.

TAB 200 Series

200 series layers

Foil + Insulation + Adhesive


  • 10 mil foil
  • 0.2” Insulation core
  • High temp acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive


  • 3 mil foil
  • 0.2” Insulation core
  • High temp acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive


  • 2 mil foil
  • 0.2” Insulation core
  • High temp acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

TAB 100 Series Foil + Insulation

TAB 300 Series

Foil + Insulation


  • 10 mil foil
  • 0.2” insulation core


  • 3 mil Foil
  • 0.2” Insulation core


  • 2 mil foil
  • 0.2” Insulation core




  • .2 Insulation


  • .2 Insulation
  • High temp acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive 


  • .2 Insulation
  • Low surface energy PSA

Custom Constructions For Your Application

Above are just a few of the embossed TABshield patch constructions we have available to meet your specific needs.  Custom constructions are available for your particular application.

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