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die cut Flexible graphite heat spreading materials.

Are you looking for a die cutter who is an expert at cutting flexible graphite heat spreading materials? JBC provides die cut flexible graphite heat spreading materials for applications ranging from smart phones to industrial and automotive gaskets. 

Over the years JBC has developed die cutting processes unique to graphite heat spreading materials. These practices can increase yield and provide delivery systems that reduce costs and simplify installation of heat spreading materials.

Ongoing advances in electronics mean that quality die cut heat spreading materials are more important than ever. We work directly with NeoGraf Solutions™ to develop ways to efficiently die cut, package, and deliver quality graphite heat spreading materials in a way that reduces your costs and simplifies the use and assembly of these parts.

Turn to JBC for die cut graphite heat spreading materials. Submit your project, problem or idea using the form and our team will get to work. We'll review your request and be in touch shortly with next steps.