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Performance Materials Fabrics Data Sheets

JBC Technologies offers precision die cutting of a wide selection of fabric materials designed for use in industrial and automotive applications. Our expertise is utilized by customers throughout a diverse cross-section of industries from heavy industrial equipment to consumer electronics.

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Morgan Advanced Materials Kaowool® Flexi-Felt

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Refractory ceramic fiber felt manufactured from high purity fibers and designed for high-temperature insulation applications up to 2300°F (1260°C). Excellent strength, flexibility and handling, cuts cleanly and is ideally suited the die-cutting of complex shapes and gaskets. Low thermal conductivity, low thermal mass and exceptionally high thermal shock resistance make it great for use in high-temperature gasketing, combustion chamber lining and as a thermal shield. Available in 24 and 48-in (610 and 1220-mm) rolls and in thicknesses of 0.118, 0.236 and 0.354-in (3, 6 and 9-mm).

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While these downloadable material data sheets can get you started, they are just a portion of what JBC works with to meet our customers' needs. JBC converts a vast range of high performance gasketing, sealing, and shielding materials. With thousands of materials in stock, we offer fast turnaround while maintaining competitive pricing.

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