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By Mark Swanson on  8/2/2018

How the Automotive Transplant Market Uses Die Cut Foams and Elastomers

How the Automotive Transplant Market Uses Die Cut Foams and Elastomers

The automotive transplant market uses die cut foams and elastomers for isolator pads, gap fillers, seals, gaskets, spacers, liners, and elastomeric springs. Foreign automakers with assembly plants in the United States choose PORON® urethanes and BISCO® silicones from Rogers Corporation for a variety of sealing, cushioning, noise control, vibration management, and gap filling applications.

JBC Technologies, a value-added die cutter, helps car companies chose the right PORON® urethanes and BISCO® silicones for automotive interiors and exteriors. JBC also converts these materials efficiently and supplies die cut products that support automotive assembly. In this article, the last in a series about foams and elastomers from Rogers Corporation, you’ll learn about automotive transplant applications.        

Automotive Interiors

Die cut foams and elastomers isolate vibrations that can cause buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in automotive interiors. Die cut isolator pads are used in door handles, sunroof control panels, arm rests, steering column locks, window regulators, and shifter solenoids. They’re also used in crank and camshaft sensors, air bag sensors, and heads-up displays (HUD).  

In addition to vibration isolation, PORON® urethanes and BISCO® silicones provide environmental sealing against dust and moisture.  Die cut seals made of these Rogers Corporation materials are found in back-up LCD displays, occupant safety modules, and car seat modules. Die cut gaskets and gap fillers are used with ambient lighting, rear cameras, and SD card connectors.

Die cut PORON® foams and BISCO® silicones also serve as elastomeric springs for LED pod lights and audio system joysticks. Die cut products made of these materials are used as spacers with audio face plates, and as both spacers and elastomer springs with air bag igniters. Additional automotive transplant applications include noise-reducing liners with vehicle storage bins. 

Automotive Exteriors

PORON® foams and BISCO® silicones are used with automotive exteriors for vibration isolation, sealing, gasketing, and gap filling. Die cut isolator pads are found in fuel tanks, tire pressure sensors, and drivetrain sensors. Applications for die cut seals and gaskets include windshield wiper motor housings and roof mounted antennas. Die cut gap fillers are used in car doors and center high mounted light (CHMSL).

JBC Technologies is an automotive die cutter that can recommend, source, convert, and die cut the PORON® urethane foams and BISCO® silicones that you need. With our manufacturing facilities in North Ridgeville, Ohio, Elk Grove Village, IL, Northglenn Colorado, and Madison, Wisconsin (USA), we’re right at the heart of the automotive supply chain. To request a quote or for more information, contact the JBC Sales Team


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