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By Mark Swanson on  4/6/2017

Die Cut Acrylic Foam Tapes: Advantages and Applications

Die Cut Acrylic Foam Tapes: Advantages and Applications

Die cut acrylic foam tapes provide strong, reliable bonds and are used to replace mechanical fasteners. These tapes, which can be die cut, will bond similar materials such as metal-to-metal, and dissimilar materials such as metal-to-plastic. Die cut acrylic foam tapes can also speed assembly operations and support vibration dampening. JBC Technologies die cuts tapes for numerous applications and markets, and can help you to implement die cut acrylic foam tapes in your product designs.

Acrylic foam tapes are a great choice for automotive applications and utility trailer side-wall attachments. They’re also ideal for building, construction, and general industrial applications. Unlike screws and rivets, die cut tapes don’t require drilling. Die cut acrylic foam tapes also withstand vibrations and the slight movement of bonded parts. Die cut tapes support the use of pull tabs for ease-of-installation, and absorb vibrations at the tape’s core instead of at the bond line. 

Automotive Assembly and Utility Trailers 

In the automotive industry, acrylic foam tapes are used to attach decals and emblems. These die cut tapes can also join molding to the sides of vehicles. Additional automotive applications include side mirrors, rearview mirrors, and backup cameras. With mirror assembly, die cut acrylic foam tapes bond the back of the glass to the mirror’s plastic body. As all of these examples show, acrylic foam tapes provide strong, reliable bonds between dissimilar materials.

 Acrylic foam tapes are also good choice for attaching the side walls in utility trailers. Instead of running rivet guns and hand drills, installers grab rolls of acrylic foam tapes. Installation is quieter, and doesn’t deposit shards of metal everywhere. Plus, acrylic foam tapes support trailer designs with a cleaner look. Instead of noticing screws or rivets, potential buyers see smooth side walls. Unlike metal fasteners, acrylic foam tapes won’t rattle and therefore support a quieter ride.      

 More Bonding Applications and Leading Vendors

 In the building and construction industry, acrylic foam tapes are used to bond window glass to metal window frames. Applications include skyscraper windows that must withstand wind-induced vibrations and protect people from the possibility of injury. General industrial applications include signs, solar panels, and panel doors. JBC Technologies serves all of these industries, and die cuts acrylic foam tapes made by 3M™ and AFTC™. Both 3M VHB™ and AFTC SilverTape™ provide strong, reliable bonds. 

Are die cut acrylic foam tapes right for your application? Contact JBC Technologies for more information. 

3M™ and VHB™ are trademarks of the 3M Company. 

AFTC™ and SilverTape™ are trademarks of the AFTC Group.