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By Kaley Lucien on  12/18/2023

Faces of JBC: Get to Know Brad Freeland

Get to Know Brad Freeland

If you've ever wondered about the unseen heroes in a company's operations, those versatile individuals seamlessly bridging gaps and ensuring the smooth flow of materials and products, you should check out our Faces of JBC blog series where we shine the spotlight on the folks that help us serve our customers in the best way possible.   

Today's spotlight features Brad Freeland, who has worked at JBC Technologies' North Ridgeville, OH headquarters since 2016.

Dive in as Brad shares the unexpected twists, the challenges overcome, and the rewarding moments that have shaped his role into a pivotal cog in the intricate machinery of JBC.

Where did you work prior to JBC?

 Prior to JBC, I picked up a few trades ranging from carpentry and furniture repair to loss prevention and retail management.  I like to learn as much as I can and add traits to my repertoire. 

Describe your role at JBC Technologies and how it fits the big picture.

I happened to fall into the warehouse position by chance. At the time I was working in our wide format press area as a material handler, and there was an opening in Warehouse. I enjoyed working with the department supervisor and his crew, and I saw it as an opportunity to explore and learn more about the flow of business.

My current role is kind of like a Jack-Of-All-Trades. Wherever there is a hole in the supply chain roster, or an extra hand is needed – I’m there to cover and keep the flow moving. Materials have to keep coming in, machines need to be fed, and finished goods must keep moving outbound.

What attracted you to JBC and what is your favorite part of your role?

Well, living five minutes down the road, I must be honest, is a massive perk. I was always curious about warehousing and learning to drive various machinery.

My favorite part of what I do is being able to help people,  and having the freedom to move around to do so!

But the best part about working at JBC Technologies is really the people... the co-workers. Over time we’ve built a pretty solid family that you don’t always get anywhere else. To add to that,  the team of people I work with, are very dedicated,  hard workers that care. They also understand the big-picture goal of the company. It’s nice to have that around on a daily basis.

So far, what has been your favorite project since working here?

My favorite projects are the ones that “tighten” up our numbers. Reducing “shrink” as much as possible, disposing of old and dated materials, and bringing in new projects and materials. Rotating inventory can be very detoxing.

How do you feel you have grown professionally since joining JBC Technologies? 

Over time, I’ve been able to learn enough to be “plug and play” anywhere in the supply chain. I look forward to learning more beyond that.


What are you most proud of while working here at JBC?

Being a gear in the cogs, supporting big projects from massive companies.

If you had to choose three words to describe your job and the company, what would they be? 

Growth. Stability. Flexibility.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Probably that I was born on an Airforce Base in Grand Forks, North Dakota

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I am a big soccer and ice hockey fan. Military survival and training.

What is your greatest motivation?

Waking up every day, to grind and provide for my children.

Brad Freeland



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