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By Mark Swanson on  10/21/2016

How Die Cutting Solves LED Lighting Challenges

How Die Cutting Solves LED Lighting Challenges

LED lighting provides design engineers with exciting new opportunities in illumination. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are smaller and more energy-efficient. LED lights also last longer and support applications ranging from industrial and commercial lighting to floodlights and spotlights. LED prices keep dropping, but challenges such as heat and weather can erase the projected cost savings.

Thermal Management

LED products generate a significant amount of heat. Lighting systems that can’t handle this heat won’t last as long, and the intensity of the LEDs will decrease before the lights fail. Thermal management materials can increase the effectiveness of a heat sink, but it’s important to choose the right products. To protect sensitive electronic components, LED lighting needs a dependable connection between the heat source and the heat sink.

Thermal greases can help, but they’re time-consuming to apply and messy to use. Plus, installers may apply greases inconsistently. By contrast, die cut thermal interface materials from JBC Technologies are easy-to-install and always consistent. With their precise dimensions and proper fit, die cut parts made of graphite or silicone provide a reliable thermal interface. JBC converts sheets and rolls cost-efficiently, and to your exact specifications every time.

Environmental Sealing

Custom die cutting from JBC Technologies also supports environmental sealing. In outdoor environments, LED light enclosures need to seal out water, wind, and dust. They also need to resist ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. Depending on the location, LED light enclosures may need to withstand artic cold, desert heat, or a range of temperatures. That’s why selecting the right product is so important.

Liquid calk can provide environmental sealing, but installers may apply it inconsistently and use too much or too little sealant. By contrast, die cut gaskets from JBC Technologies are easy-to-install and always cut to the right dimensions. Depending on your application, JBC may suggest die cut materials such as foam rubber or silicones, a group of elastomers with excellent temperature stability and UV resistance.

Choose Die Cut Products from JBC

LED lighting can be a significant investment, so engineers need to design lighting systems that won’t let heat or weather shorten product life cycles. To learn more about die cut solutions for LED lighting challenges, contact the Sales Team at JBC Technologies.

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