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By JBC Technologies on  3/25/2024

Performance Materials for Thermal Management in Battery Applications

Performance Materials for Thermal Management in Battery Applications

Die Cut Solutions to Maintain Consistent Battery Operating Temperatures and Block Heat Transfer

EV batteries produce heat when they’re actively discharging, when they’re being charged, and even when they’re just sitting there “doing nothing.” If this excess heat isn’t removed, it will cause problems – lower driving range, shorter battery lifetime, and even fire.

As a result, Battery and automobile OEMs are hard at work hunting for the EV battery thermal management unicorn. But no single material or process has emerged as the clear leader.

As a converter and precision die cutter JBC Technologies works with numerous performance materials to manufacture custom parts designed to bond, fasten seal, shield, protect, and much more. Most, if not all, of these applications are applicable in some way, shape, or form within the EV industry.

Our focus today, however, is on performance materials that support targeted thermal management SOLUTIONS in and around the battery pack.

This comprehensive white paper, featuring insight from several of JBC's key suppliers, discusses how performance materials can isolate, insulate, and spread heat to maintain consistent battery temperature and mitigate thermal runaway.

thermal management white paper

 Read it to learn:

  • Types of specialty materials JBC can convert for use in and around the battery
  • The benefits of heat spreading
  • Key materials that can be used for insulating or isolating
  • Why incorporating multiple uses or multiple mechanisms into a single part is key to reducing weight, cost, and range 
  • How pressure-sensitive adhesives can contribute to thermal runaway barrier design
  • And more



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