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Precision Die-Cut Double-Sided Tapes & Adhesives

A 3M™ Preferred Converter with extensive manufacturing capabilities that range from hot roll laminating to slitting to high-speed precision rotary die-cutting, JBC Technologies is a premier converter of double-coated tapes for OEMs and Tier suppliers in a wide variety of industries. Applications include gasketing, mounting, sealing, spacing, cushioning, absorption, insulating, vibration damping, and more. 

Working with some of the best tape and adhesive manufacturers in the industry, including 3M, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, Nitto Denko, Seikisui, and Berry Global, we provide double-coated tapes in many die-cut formats designed to ease our customers’ assembly process. 

Examples include

  • Slit to custom widths
  • Kiss cut to a liner
  • Island placed on a liner
  • Pull tab for ease of assembly
  • Individually cut
  • Adhered to customer supplied plastic injected parts

What are double-sided tapes?

Also known as double-coated or double-faced tapes, double-sided tapes are tapes that are constructed of a liner (one or both sides); an adhesive, a carrier, a second adhesive, and another liner.  Tapes typically come in master rolls from the manufacturer and are slit to width and/or die-cut to specific shapes by converters such as JBC Technologies.  Applications include permanent and temporary bonding, mounting, vibration damping, sealing, gap filling, spacing, and more. 

Among other benefits, the carrier in between the two layers of adhesive stabilizes the adhesive, improves handling, and enables bonding of dissimilar materials.

How do double-sided tapes differ from transfer tapes?

When compared to transfer tapes such as 3M 6035 or 6038 , double-coated tapes tend to be thicker due to the carrier layer.  In addition to thickness, the carrier also impacts the temperature resistance.    Watch this helpful video from 3M to learn more.

difference between transfer tape and double sided tape

Learn more about pressure sensitive adhesives and double coated tapes

Contact JBC for Tape and Adhesive Converting Expertise

JBC Technologies has over 30 years of flexible materials converting experience,  state-of-the-art, high-speed, precision die-cutting expertise, and world-class industry partners.  One of the advantages of working with a vertically integrated converter such as JBC is that in addition to die-cutting the double-sided foam tapes offered by well-known material partners, we can also construct the tape itself – laminating the adhesive you need to the foam you want.

When you need the best, look no further than JBC. Let’s get started.


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