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Want to learn a bit more about what we do here at JBC? Scroll down to download our Line Card, read our Fast Facts or Dieless Cutting brochure and see some of the infographics we've prepared to help educate our customers and prospects on the ins and outs of die-cutting.    

View Our Line Card

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JBC Technologies is a cutting-edge converter that provides innovative die-cut solutions to leading manufacturers. Learn about our converting capabilities, materials we convert, and end-user applications for the custom die-cut parts we fabricate. 


Vertically-Integrated Capabilities Overview

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From medical cleanroom manufacturing to high-speed rotary die-cutting. Our entire menu of vertically-integrated converting capabilities sets us apart from the competition. Browse our vertically-integrated materials converting and precision die-cutting capabilities overview for more information.

An Infographic Applications for Die-Cut Parts in and Around the Battery Pack

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Learn about JBC Technologies' converted material solutions to help the EV supply chain develop products to promote electric vehicle safety, performance, energy efficiency, and comfort. 

Application Brief: EV/BESS

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JBC Technologies combines specialty materials, each with its own performance attributes, into single, lightweight, economical, and easily installable components with multiple end-use contributions. This application brief highlights some of our EV/BESS market solutions. 

Read Our Fast Facts

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At JBC Technologies, we believe that there's more to a company than the capabilities we they have to offer. This "fast facts" sheet is designed to help you get to know us a bit better. 

Learn About JBC's Thermal Management Solutions

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Adhesive tapes and die-cuts enable multi-functional composites that enable next-generation designs within battery packs, electric vehicles, energy storage, and even high-voltage electronic applications. Using high-performance materials and state-of-the-art converting equipment, JBC Technologies can fabricate custom lightweight, multi-layered composites that solve thermal management challenges without adding excess mass. 

An Infographic Benefits of Low Surface Energy Adhesives

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While mechanical fasteners have long been a go-to solution for joining low surface energy materials, they add unwanted weight and bulk to the finished product, and add stress at the joint that can lead to cracks, premature failure, and other aesthetic blemishes.

Learn how low surface energy adhesives can help. 

Rapid Prototyping & Dieless Cutting

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Need a quick turn for trials, engineering builds, or short production runs? Or a fast rework of parts you cut incorrectly? JBC’s Flashcutter® digital cutting machines can quickly produce any part that would normally be die-cut—without tooling. Customers benefit from a precise, high-quality cut with minimal lead time.


Have Die-Cutting Questions? JBC is Ready to Help

JBC Technologies is a leader in providing high-quality die-cutting and flexible material converting solutions for industries as diverse as medical, automotive, electronics and HVAC. From seals and gaskets to pulse oximetry bandages and health and beauty patches, we work with you to produce custom die-cut parts that match your high standards and find ways to benefit both your products and your manufacturing process.

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