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At JBC Technologies, we believe that the best decisions are informed decisions. The white papers below provide insight and information on some of the many materials we die-cut. 

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Passive Thermal Management Materials For EV Battery Applications

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There is no uniform way that manufacturers are attacking EV thermal management challenges. And no catch-all thermal management material that has emerged as the clear leader in the electric vehicle space. Each has its pluses and minuses that every manufacturer will need to evaluate as it relates to its own pack design.

The solutions, however, can be cataloged into four discrete buckets which can be used individually or as part of a combined solution. These are immersion, isolation, insulation, and spreading.  Learn more in this whitepaper. 

EV/ BESS The Impact of Die-Cut Tapes On Design and Scalability

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This paper explores how pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes can play a pivotal role in helping manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, Batteries, and Energy Storage Systems address critical performance challenges. It also highlights the production efficiency-enhancing benefits that an engineering-driven flexible materials converter and die cutter, like JBC Technologies can offer. 

Thermal Management Solutions For Electronic Applications

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To keep sensitive electronic components cool, design and application engineers are tasked with finding effective thermal management solutions that not only move excess heat away from critical components, but do so within a smaller form factor.

This paper takes a closer look at how to approach the challenge.    

Quiet is Quality Die-Cut Solutions for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness

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JBC Technologies works with many materials that solve critical challenges for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Customers engage us at multiple phases in product development from early in the design stage to late in the game, when the product is ready to launch and a buzz, squeak or rattle has been discovered.  

This article touches on the science of sound, provides high level insight into performance material options, and hits on five ways the right converter can positively impact your outcomes.

How to Avoid Getting Stuck When Selecting Skin Contact Adhesives for Long-Term Wear

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The most important thing to know when selecting a skin contact adhesive for a long-term wearable medical device is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Strong yet gentle can be a tricky combination. A systems approach that examines all design and performance variables is necessary to ensure components work together to achieve the desired outcome.

This paper will highlight the key points to keep in mind throughout the product development process and serves as a guide to assist with adhesive selection.

Die-Cut Solutions to Stick to the Unstickable Bonding Low Surface Energy Materials

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Getting things to stick and stay stuck has been a challenge for product designers and engineers for years. Compounding the problem is the proliferation of materials like thermoplastics and advanced composites because, thanks to a property called low surface energy (LSE), they’re notoriously difficult to stick to.

This paper discusses the relationship between surface energy and adhesion and introduces a few specialty tapes and adhesives designed to help turn LSE problems into sticky solutions.

Cutting to the Chase on Thermal Insulation Selection

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Because converters like JBC Technologies work directly with many different thermal insulation manufacturers to identify and source the raw materials we need to make die-cut and custom-engineered insulation panels and gaskets our customers, we have a unique perspective on challenges design engineers are trying to solve and the breadth of available solutions.  

This paper highlights some key factors to consider when selecting thermal insulation material. 

Solving Vehicle Hot Spots With Lightweight Alternative Heat Shields

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With the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards requiring improved fuel efficiency, lighter vehicles are a priority. This focus on automotive lightweighting means heavy heat shields don’t always measure up.

This white paper from JBC Technologies delves into the problem of hot spots and how to solve them.

UL Certification Demystified What You Need to Know About UL Certification and DieCut Components

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Does UL certification matter for custom die-cut parts? The short answer is: it depends.  UL certification of custom die-cut parts depends on many factors, including the application, the market, and regulatory requirements. In this whitepaper we'll look at UL certification, what it is, what it means for custom die-cut parts and the many benefits of obtaining UL certification. 

Die-Cut Solutions for Minimizing EMI/RFI in Connected Electronics

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Nowadays, appliances do it all. They’ve become centerpieces for kitchens, function as entertainment centers and even connect to virtual assistants.  Yet, the sensitive electronic components that power the interconnected and improved user experience of these devices are also increasingly susceptible to the challenges associated with Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

The good news is that in many cases all of this can be addressed with a piece of custom die-cut specialty tape.  This article addresses how. 


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