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Joe Bliss is a certified Professional Mechanical Engineer, entrepreneur, founder and President of JBC Technologies, Inc. His early experience ranged from designing fuel nozzles for jet engines to launching an innovative emergency parking and control valve found on almost every dashboard of class 8 air braked trucks produced worldwide. Joe has applied his 30+ years of engineering and entrepreneurial problem solving skills in the area of die cutting and converting to make JBC Technologies into a world class innovative company that focuses on total business solutions.



8 Gasket Materials for Mid-Range Ambient Temperature Applications


Solid rubber gasket materials such as Nitrile, Neoprene, and EPDM are popular choices for use in mid-range temperature sealing environments, as are a variety of open and closed cell foams and sponge rubbers. This post highlights eight common gasket materials die-cut by JBC for use in moderate temperature applications.

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Thermal Insulation: How to Find the Right Heat Management Material


The right thermal insulation is crucial for proper heat management. Learn what to consider when identifying the right materials for your die cut parts.

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Thermal Insulation: How to Find the Right Heat Management Material