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By Mark Swanson on  6/7/2017

Die Cut Silicones for LED Lighting Minimize Outgassing for Brighter Designs

Die Cut Silicone for LED Lighting 

LED lighting generates a significant amount of heat. If this heat isn’t dissipated properly, the intensity of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) will decrease. Thermal management materials can increase heat sink effectiveness, but greases are time-consuming to apply and messy to use. Die-cut silicones provide an alternative, but engineers need to specify a low-outgassing compound to avoid lumen depreciation. 

Die-cut silicones combine thermal management with environmental sealing, but some elastomers can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is problematic in outdoor environments and wet indoor locations where LED lighting is hermetically-sealed. According to published research from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, VOC outgassing can reduce LED performance.   

LED Gaskets and Low-Outgassing Silicones 

For LED lighting projects, JBC Technologies can die-cut gaskets made of low-outgassing silicones. We source these elastomers from a Made in the USA manufacturer that has submitted a 60-durometer sample to an independent testing laboratory. This clear silicone rubber meets the outgas requirements of ASTM E595015, a standard test method that was originally developed for spacecraft materials.  

Die-cut gaskets made of this low-outgassing silicone are also available in other durometers and colors to support custom LED lighting designs. Platinum-curing, a secondary conditioning process, enables JBC’s supplier to offer a low-outgassing material that also has stronger physical properties and lower shrinkage values than peroxide-cure compounds. Platinum-cured silicones have a more consistent appearance, too. 

Platinum-Cured Silicones for Die Cut Gaskets 

For LED lighting designers, it’s important to understand the basic difference between peroxide and platinum curing. The peroxide system requires the removal of by-products from curing. The platinum curing system does not. With peroxide curing then, any by-products that remain represent potential extractables – chemicals that can be extracted (outgassed) by the heat produced from LED lighting. 

At JBC Technologies, the low-outgassing silicone that we die-cut meets ASTM E595025 requirements for total mass loss (%TML) and percent collected volatile condensable materials (%CVCM). Importantly, this platinum-cured silicone is available as continuous rolls for cost-effective conversion and fast, precise die-cutting. Durometers range from 10 to 80 (Shore A) and custom colors include gray, white, and olive drab. 

Die Cut Silicone Gaskets for LED Lighting 

JBC Technologies is an experienced die cutter with a strategic supplier network and value-added solutions such as rapid prototyping, engineering and design, and assembly automation. To learn more about low-outgassing silicones and how we can support your LED products, contact us.

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