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By Bob Lesher on  9/22/2020

JBC White Paper Feature: Thermal Management Solutions for Electronics Applications

JBC White Paper Feature: Thermal Management Solutions for Electronics Applications

Electronics are getting smaller and running faster and because they're running faster, they're running hotter. All this heat, if not managed effectively, can wreak havoc on the sensitive components inside today's high-performance electronics leading to poor performance and, in the worst cases, devices failing completely. So what's to be done about the "heat problem?"

To keep the components inside electronics cool, design and application engineers are tasked with finding the right thermal management solution. They must move excess heat away from critical components within the device, but they’re challenged to do so within a smaller form factor. With the demand for thermal management solutions on the rise, this paper takes a closer look at how to approach the challenge through the lens of a materials converter.

Areas covered in the paper include:

Thermal Management Techniques

Design Considerations

Materials Selection

  • Heat Spreaders
  • Heat Sinks
  • Heat Shields
  • Objectives
  • Form Factor Constraints
  • Performance Requirements
  • Budget
  • Foils
  • Papers
  • Films

with featured content on 

NeoGraf Flexible Graphite

3M Thermally Conductive Tapes & Interface Pads

JBC Technologies for Die-Cut Heat Management Solutions

From choosing the right materials to identifying the most effective approach, thermal management is a complex challenge that varies with every situation. As consumers continue to demand more from their electronic devices, it’s safe to say the problem of increased power consumption and excess heat won’t be going away any time soon. Today more than ever, however, it’s good to know there are a growing number of resources—including the flexible material converting specialists at JBC Technologies—to help you take on this task.

Download here: Thermal Management Solutions for Electronics

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