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Bob Lesher

After starting and running several businesses and spending about 15 years working for other B2B organizations in various technical and marketing roles, Bob joined JBC Technologies in 2019 as a PRECO die-cutting press operator. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University and earned his MBA from Tiffin University. He also has an extensive background in new product development and marketing, focusing on business-to-business strategy. The JBC marketing team recruited Bob in 2020, and he currently drives JBC's growth by using his talents for copywriting, content generation and editing, and social media management. Bob lives in Cleveland with his wife of 22 years and their three cats, Tilda Swinton, Newton, and Henry.




Faces of JBC: Brad Petruck, Maintenance Tech/Production Lead JBC-Chicago


Welcome to the latest edition of Faces of JBC. This blog series highlights the team members who make JBC one of the country's leading die-cutting and material converting experts. Get to know the names behind the functions and the faces and stories behind the names. Today, we feature a member of Team JBC-Chicago. Say hello to JBC-Chicago Maintenance Tech/Production Lead Brad Petruck.

Faces of JBC
Faces of JBC: Brad Petruck, Maintenance Tech/Production Lead JBC-Chicago

Go-To Skin Adhesive Tapes for IV Attachment & Wound Care


Since they create a firm, soft bond to the skin, skin-contact adhesive tapes are essential for safe and dependable IV attachment and wound care applications. They adjust to the curves of the skin, permit patients to wear them for prolonged periods, and are also water-resistant, which is vital for keeping the adhesive intact in wet conditions. But what are some of the go-to medical adhesive tapes you can use for these applications?

Adhesive Tapes Medical Devices Stick-to-Skin Medical Healthcare
Close up of a patient's arm showing an IV needle affixed with medical tape.

Your Guide to Tape Carriers for Wearable Medical Devices


Wearable medical devices have become increasingly popular in recent years. They're used to keep track of our health and wellness and to deliver drugs. Adhesive tapes are often used to attach these devices to the wearer, sometimes for days, even weeks. The adhesive on these tapes is applied to a base called a carrier, and it's this carrier that can make or break the performance of many wearable medical devices...

Adhesive Tapes Material Selection Medical Devices Medical Healthcare
A seated woman wearing medical devices on her arms performing yoga next to a dog.

Top Adhesive Tape Manufacturers for Wearable Medical Devices


Choosing the right adhesive tape for wearable medical devices is crucial to ensure they stay securely in place as long as you need them to. We work directly with top medical adhesive tape manufacturers so that you can be sure you're getting only the best materials for your medical devices. Let's learn more about some of these top tape manufacturers and how they can...

Adhesive Tapes Medical Devices Medical Healthcare 3M Polyken Avery Dennison Flexcon DermaMed Coatings Mactac
The logos of top adhesive tape manufacturers superimposed over the image of a medical monitoring device being applied to a person's forearm.

5 Ways Die-Cut Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tapes Help Wound Care


Hydrocolloids adhesives are rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesives. What makes them unique is that they have particles mixed in which allow the adhesive to absorb fluid. The particles, which can be pectin or other biocompatible absorbent ingredients, will absorb fluid until they become saturated and form a soft, moist gel.  As a result, wound dressings made with hydrocolloid adhesives are quite conducive to moist wound healing and atraumatic removal. There are many benefits to using die-cut hydrocolloid adhesive tapes in wound care products. In this post, we'll focus on five of them.

Adhesive Tapes Material Selection Stick-to-Skin Medical Healthcare
Hands in surgical gloves removing the liner from a hydrocolloid bandage. The out-of-focus background is of different rolls of hydrocolloid tapes.