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Product Spotlight: 3M™ RP+ VHB Tape


As part of JBC's Die-Cut Materials Spotlight series we recently spoke with 3M Senior Application Engineer Reese Weber, and 3M Inside Converter Markets Specialist, Bridget Donoghue. This post highlights the launch of the new RP+ family of VHB tapes and how they build upon the original RP Tapes to bring you the Right Product, Right Performance, and Right Price for your application.

VHB Die Cut Foam Tapes 3M Tapes & Adhesives

JBC Technologies Acquires HST Materials, Inc.


The team at JBC  is excited to announce the purchase of HST Materials, Inc., an ISO-9001 certified converter located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  HST has a strong track record of providing OEMs and Tier suppliers with quality die-cut, extruded, and molded seals and gaskets.

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JBC Adds to Rotary Die-Cutting Capabilities


Manufacturing Excellence, one of the three pillars behind the JBC Advantage, is our commitment to the continuous improvement of our manufacturing process and equipment. Our goal is to help solve problems through innovative solutions while providing the best possible value for our customers. Today, we are excited to announce a new addition to that pillar—a 10-station Dorey Converting Systems (DCS) rotary die-cutting press.

die-cutting rotary die cutting

Material Spotlight: ISOLOSS LS Polyurethane Foams


At JBC Technologies we often speak with customers that have a need for laminated and die-cut microcellular soft and very soft open cell polyether polyurethane foams. In today’s volatile environment with tight supply chains and unpredictable lead times, it is good to have options – so for today’s material spotlight we’ve chosen to feature an option that checks off a lot of boxes: ISOLOSS™ LS Polyurethane Foam, manufactured by Aearo Technologies LLC, an independent wholly owned3M subsidiary.

Microcellular Polyurethane ISOLOSS Low Compression Set

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Material For Your Seal or Gasket


Die-cut seal or gasket material selection should always begin with an assessment of the application in which the finished part will be utilized and there are several common factors that should come into play as part of that evaluation.

die-cutting Gasket Material Selection

6 Thermal Management Materials for EV Battery Applications


Li-ion batteries perform best when maintained within an optimal temperature range.   The challenge is exacerbated by the consumer’s desire for a rapid charge and discharge, both of which add to heat management issues.  Too hot or too cold and thermal instability can occur leading to thermal runaway that can at best destroy the cell and at worst start a vehicle fire.  Reducing this thermal instability is where many of the performance materials that we convert at JBC Technologies come into play. Die-cut performance materials such as those described in this post can be used at the cell level, the module level, and even the pack level.

Die Cut Solutions for EV Batteries Die-Cut EV Battery Components EV Battery electric vehicle battery pack components Electric Vehicles

JBC Adds Waterjet Cutting Services


JBC Technologies is proud to announce the addition of waterjet cutting to our already expansive list of converting capabilities. Not only does the addition of waterjet cutting services enable us to offer our customers a broader range of converting solutions for high volume production, but it also arms us with yet another method to create quick turn prototypes, building on our digital die-cutting capabilities.

Dieless Cutting Converting Waterjet Cutting Services

Die-Cut Solutions for Electric Vehicle Batteries: Thermal Management


Electric vehicle batteries are very sensitive to changes in temperature and maintaining their surroundings at the proper conditions for optimal performance and safety is no easy task. Active thermal management systems can quickly become expensive and bulky, but with the careful placement of custom die-cut supplemental passive thermal management solutions made from high-performance specialty materials, EV manufacturers now have more options than ever when it comes to lightweight and effective EV battery thermal management.

Thermal Management Lightweighting Automotive Electric Vehicles Ceramic Blankets Ceramic Papers graphite Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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