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JBC Technologies Adds Inline Digital Printing Capabilities


JBC Technologies is pleased to announce that we have added inline full-color digital printing to our already extensive stable of vertically integrated converting capabilities.  This high-end printer will enable us to meet our customers’ requirements with multi-color and variable data printing capabilities.

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JBC Technologies Adds Inline Digital Printing Capabilities

Top Wearable Adhesive Tapes for CGM Applications


A few years ago, we prepared a short blog post that highlighted the selection criteria for stick-to-skin adhesives. To build on that – and to provide information a bit more specific to the CGM application – we reached out to some of our major medical adhesive suppliers and asked them to highlight some of their “go-to” tapes for CGM applications.   This list is by no means all-inclusive, but our hope is that it will provide a good starting point for folks that are trying to find the perfect adhesive for their remote monitoring CGM patch project. 

Cleanroom Manufacturing Medical Devices Medical DermaMed Coatings 3M Berry Global Avery Dennison
Top Wearable Adhesive Tapes for CGM Applications

Top Skin-Contact Adhesive Tapes for Pulse Oximetry Applications


We’ve written recently about the pros and cons of synthetic rubber, acrylic and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives in die-cut pulse oximetry applications. We’ve also talked about key pulse ox adhesive selection criteria. Today, we want to highlight some of the medical adhesive tapes offered by a few of our key supplier partners that are particularly applicable in die cut pulse oximetry products.   

Material Selection Medical DermaMed Coatings Avery Dennison 3M Berry Global
Die cutting of pulse oximetry bandage tape

Pulse Oximetry Adhesive Selection - Part 2


As we mentioned earlier in 9 key factors to consider when selecting an adhesive tape for your pulse oximetry application there are multiple layers that go into a disposable die cut pulse oximetry bandage, and each of those layers will have varying performance requirements.   But the device layer isn’t the only thing that will drive adhesive selection – use case is also important. Some tapes are designed to be worn over the course of several days, while others are designed for relatively short periods of time. Some require the need for removability / repositionability, others do not. The variables are rather extensive. Fortunately, adhesives come in multiple formulations.  Here’s a quick primer on the pros and cons of each.  

Medical Medical Devices Adhesive Tapes
die cut pulse oximetry tapes for single use

A Selection Guide to 3M™ PSA Adhesive Tapes for Low Surface Energy (LSE) Applications


There's a lot that goes into adhesive tape selection. That's why JBC Technologies teamed up with 3M™ to create an easy-to-use, educational selection guide for 3M LSE bonding solutions - Tapes and Adhesives for Low Surface Energy Applications: 3M LSE Product Selection Guide. Download it today and learn more about why surface energy matters, the surface energy of commonly used substrates, and the adhesive tape performance properties you need to consider during the design phase of your project.

Adhesive Tapes Material Selection Bonding Attachment Assembly 3M
Custom Die-Cut 3M low surface energy (LSE) adhesive tapes