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By Kate Gluck on  8/10/2023

Top Wearable Adhesive Tapes for CGM Applications

Top Wearable Adhesive Tapes for CGM Applications

CGM Adhesive Tapes for Device Attachment, Construction Layer & Overlay Patches 

While the number of layers and types of pressure-sensitive adhesives that go into the fabrication of a stick-to-skin continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) patch can vary depending on the specific brand and design, there is one thing that is certain:  custom die-cut adhesives play an essential part in the functionality of today’s wearable Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) patches. They are used to adhere the device to the skin, to bond one layer of the device to the next, and, when used to fabricate a CGM overlay patch, to provide added security and protection from the elements.  

The pressure-sensitive adhesives needed for the two skin-contact applications – device attachment and overlay patches – are significantly different than the adhesive needed for the “tie layer” or “construction layer” that bonds one layer of the device to the next.  These wearable adhesives, which are the primary focus of this blog post, are designed to withstand exposure to moisture, sweat, and other fluids, while also being gentle on the skin.  

Skin Contact Adhesives for CGM Applications  

A few years ago, we prepared a short blog post that highlighted the selection criteria for stick-to-skin adhesives. To build on that – and to provide information a bit more specific to the CGM application – we reached out to some of our major medical adhesive suppliers and asked them to highlight some of their “go-to” tapes for CGM applications.  


This list is by no means all-inclusive, but our hope is that it will provide a good starting point for folks that are trying to find the perfect adhesive for their remote monitoring CGM patch project.  Fill out our contact form or give us a call, and we will work with you – and our supplier partners – to determine exactly what you need for your project. Need a sample for a trial, or a specialty die-cut prototype?  Just ask. We can do that too.  

3M – A Broad Portfolio of Extended Wear Tapes 

  • 4076  is a breathable and highly conformable extended-wear nonwoven medical tape consisting of a white spunlace polyester backing coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and a silicone release paper liner.  
  • 4077 Elastic blend nonwoven extended wear consists of a porous, highly breathable, white elastic multilayer polyurethane/synthetic rubber-based nonwoven fabric backing, coated with an extended wear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. The polyurethane nonwoven backing makes this a great choice for customers looking for a printed product such as a CGM overlay patch.  
  • 4576 was designed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving wearables market.  While the above-mentioned products offer a 14-day wear time, this product takes that already impressive performance and raises it to a whole new level. This 21-day wear medical tape consists of a white spunlace polyester nonwoven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.  
  • 4578 takes the 21-day wear and raises the bar even further.  Released in early 2023, this product boasts a 28-day wear time. Designed for applications that require packaging the skin contact adhesive without a protective release liner (while still retaining the adhesion needed for several weeks wear time), it consists of a white spunlace polyester nonwoven backing, coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.
Long Term Wearable Adhesives Whitepaper
  •  NOTE: 3M’s product selection is so extensive, we recommend using their helpful Adhesive Finder to narrow down your options. 

Avery Dennison Medical – Go-To CGM Adhesives 

  • MED 6001SI - The softness, conformability, and repositionability of this high-tack silicone adhesive lends itself to a high degree of user comfort. The fully coated silicone adhesive side of the roll is equipped with a polypropylene (PP) release liner, compatible with die cutting. The acrylic adhesive contains a white paper liner, which is printable on one side.  
  • MED 5589H is a transparent polyurethane film containing an advanced and integrated hydrocolloid formulation. This product's absorbent adhesive is designed to not break down upon saturation, provides a low profile, assists in creating optimal skin and wound healing conditions, and has a high fluid handling capacity. In addition to the benefits listed above, hydrocolloids such as this one are often used in CGM applications to take up space or fill a gap. 
  • MED 5741 is a single-coated, white polyester nonwoven with an acrylic adhesive designed for long-term wear up to 14-days (about 2 weeks). The product is soft, conformable, and is highly breathable making it a great fit in various CGM applications.  
  • MED 5740 is a single-coated, white polyurethane non-woven with an acrylic adhesive designed for long-term wear up to 14-days. This product, which is soft, conformable, and breathable, is designed to adhere to the skin for multi-week wear time applications such as glucose monitors, insulin pumps, activity trackers, electrocardiogram monitors and other mobile health and wellness products. This is a great choice for customers looking for a printed product. 

Berry Global -  For CGM  Cover Tapes and Other Wearable Applications

  •  3614C is a single-coated tape constructed of a white spunlace polyester nonwoven with a non-sensitizing medical grade acrylic adhesive, designed for long-term (14-day) wear. It is both breathable and conformable.  Applications range from wound coverings and island dressings to medical device attachment and CGM overlay patches.   
  •  3621A which is constructed of a 2.4 oz/sy white polyurethane non-woven fabric, is an excellent choice for CGM applications – especially printed overlay patches. The polyurethane backing enables a high-quality print with complex graphics.  It provides flexibility, breathability, and patient comfort. The adhesive is aggressive enough for up to 14-day wear and meets ISO10993 requirements.  
  • 3428M  is a single-coated breathable pressure-sensitive film tape that is ideal for the skin attachment layer of a CGM device.  Comprised of a polyurethane film carrier and a skin contact acrylic adhesive, it is highly flexible & conformable for extended wear and maximum patient comfort.

DermaMed Coatings – Base Products for Customized CGM Adhesive Solutions 

  • DM2001C is a 1–3-day wear product that has been on the market for over 15 years. It is a workhorse product line that has been adapted to fit the desired product performance. This is one of Dermamed’s “go-to” products for starting out and creating a baseline with the customers' product. 
  • DM2275 is a polyurethane nonwoven tape used in the CGM space as an over-patch layer. It has a printable face material, it is stretchable and breathable. Dermamed can adapt or customize the material construction to either increase or decrease the wear time based upon the customer’s desired performance. This is a great choice for customers looking for a printed product, such as a custom aftermarket overlay patch. 

Think JBC Technologies for Custom Die-Cut CGM Components

At JBC Technologies, we understand the unique challenges involved in developing and manufacturing complex wearable medical devices like CGM. That is why we offer a wide range of adhesive tapes from the country’s best tape manufacturers specifically designed for medical and stick-to-skin applications. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our customers achieve success with their CGM projects, from adhesive tape selection to device assembly and manufacturing.  

With an ISO 8 / Class 100,000 cleanroom, inline printing,  and state-of-the-art equipment, JBC Technologies provides high-quality die-cutting and material converting solutions for the medical industry – from CGM patch overlays, pulse oximetry bandages, and wound dressings to custom fashion and cosmetic tapes. 

Want a custom-printed design on a CGM Overlay patch? Just Ask. JBC is here to deliver. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your CGM device manufacturing needs. 

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