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Kate Gluck is the Director of Sales and Marketing at JBC Technologies.



Preventing Gasket Failure Part 3: Environment


Today, manufacturers can choose from a wide range of gasket materials that can endure a combination of environmental conditions. This post highlights five of the most common environmental requirements and some of the materials best suited to address them.

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Die Cut Silicone Gaskets

Preventing Gasket Failure Part 2: Durometer


Proper material selection ensures the longevity of a gasket and the major parts a gasket supports. Improper design or incorrect material specifications can cause a gasket to fail, which reduces the life, safety, and effectiveness of the entire product. In part one of this series, we examine the importance of considering compression set when selecting gasketing material. Today, we’ll highlight durometer.

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Die Cut Gaskets

A Look at Berry Global’s Polyken 3621A


In order to provide our customers with up-to-date information straight from the material manufacturer, JBC Technologies recently spoke with Brian Hall, Business Development Manager, Medical, for Berry Global Inc. regarding the key features of Polyken 3621A, an industry-leading, polyurethane non-woven long-term wear adhesive tape solution for the medical industry.

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wearable adhesives in action

Q & A with Berry Global: Adhesives for Wearable Medical Devices


Selecting the right medical adhesive is vital to the wearability and durability of any medical device. It is particularly important when patient comfort comes into play. This Q&A with Brian Hall, Business Development Manager, Medical, for Berry Global Inc. covers some of the most important factors in selecting the right adhesive for on-body wearable medical devices.

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pulse oximeters - application for die cut tapes

Faces of JBC: Get to Know Jill Wallace


Welcome to the January 2021 edition of “Faces of JBC Technologies”-- a series that features the folks who work day in and day out to make sure our customers receive stellar service and high-quality gaskets, seals, heat shields, acrylic foam tapes, and other custom die-cut products. Today we feature Finance Manager, Jill Wallace.

Faces of JBC Team JBC
Faces of JBC: Get to Know Jill Wallace

Q&A: What you need to know about 3M™ VHB™ GPH acrylic foam tape


Welcome to the first of our vendor partner Q&A series posts for 2021 – designed to aid you in your gasket material selection by educating you on the features and benefits of the many different materials that we convert at JBC. Today’s post highlights 3M™ general-purpose high-temperature acrylic foam tapes – a.k.a. the VHB™ GPH Tape series. We want to thank 3M applications engineer, Reese Weber for once again agreeing to sit down with us to provide in-depth information on VHB tapes.

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3M High Temperature VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes for High Heat Applications