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By Kate Gluck on  6/25/2020

4 Ways JBC Adds Value to Acrylic Foam Tapes

Rotary die cutting of acrylic foam tapes

Acrylic foam tapes are high strength, reliable materials-joining and bonding solutions often used for fastening, gasketing, and sealing. Manufacturers across a wide range of industries commonly use these pressure sensitive adhesive tapes (PSA) to replace mechanical fasteners, join dissimilar materials, and replace liquid adhesives. A few examples include attaching name badges and trim components and mounting mirrors and backup cameras. Applications for acrylic foam tapes are virtually limitless, however. 

As effective as acrylic foam tapes are, die cut tapes are even more so because they can be customized to meet your exact size, shape, and assembly requirements. But working with a converter that can add value beyond the basic act of cutting the material is essential. 

Some of the many ways that JBC adds value include:

Design for Maximum Efficiency 

When you develop a manufacturing process that achieves  maximum material yield, optimum production speeds, and a part presentation that will save you time on your line, cost savings tend to be inevitable. JBC does all of the above.  Labor saving solutions include:  slug removal, part gapping, kiss cutting, pull tabs, automated assembly and more.  Whatever the need, JBC’s engineers and technical service teams are here to work with you to develop solutions that contribute to the lowest cost to deployment on your production line. 

High Speed Rotary Die Cutting

 Rotary die cutting is a fast, accurate, and efficient way to produce large volumes of die cut acrylic foam tapes and is ideal for parts that require tight tolerances, multiple steps, and exceptional accuracy. With state-of-the-art rotary die cutting equipment and a staff of experienced process engineers, JBC can process complex precision parts with tolerances as tight as 0.005” at a speed of up to 130fpm.  

Automated Assembly Solutions

As highlighted in the second study in this casebook, JBC strives to offer solutions that help our customers shorten their supply chain and streamline their production processes downstream. Our automated assembly solutions range from fully automated to process assisted and cell based, helping to shorten your supply chain and free up your workers for higher value projects.

Value Analysis/Value Engineering

At JBC, we make a point to apply an engineering-forward approach to discover ways to provide value-added solutions that streamline your manufacturing process. Upon request, our VA/VE experts examine assembly, packaging, part composition and presentation, product delivery systems to ensure you get maximum value from your die cut acrylic foam tapes. Our VA/VE solutions enable our customers to reduce assembly time, lower costs, improve performance, boost quality, streamline productions, and diminish material waste.

JBC focuses on working directly with our customers to understand each stage of their manufacturing process so we can offer meaningful recommendations for improvement. Whether you need material or part presentation recommendations, automated assembly, or supply chain solutions, we can assist. Contact us today to learn more about our custom die cutting and value-added solutions.


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