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By Mark Swanson on  4/20/2017

Case Study: Acrylic Foam Tapes for Enclosed Utility Trailers

Case Study: Acrylic Foam Tapes for Enclosed Utility Trailers

Acrylic foam tapes (AFTs) can bond the panels of enclosed utility trailers. Unlike mechanical fasteners, these high-strength industrial adhesives won’t loosen from vibrations. This results in a quieter ride, but reduced noise and vibration dampening aren’t the only benefits. AFTs support die cutting, a cost-effective material conversion technique. As an experienced die cutter who understands your assembly operations, JBC Technologies can save you time and money with acrylic foam tapes. This case study explains how. 

Multiple Challenges, One Solution 

When a utility trailer company wanted to solve a series of challenges, die cut AFTs were the right solution. Workers used pneumatic tools to drill holes and install fasteners, but assembly was expensive and quality was inconsistent. Drilling was loud, drill bits failed, and metal shavings littered the floor. Personnel required protective gear, but injuries still occurred. The problems didn’t stop in production either. Road vibrations and routine use caused the drilled holes to elongate, which made the screws and rivets rattle. 

To address these challenges, the utility trailer manufacturer examined other assembly methods. The company researched die cut acrylic foam tapes and developed a training program for installers. Workers practiced, cycle times increased, and the manufacturer replaced rivets and screws with peel-and-stick solutions. Because die cutting can deliver acrylic foam tapes in the exact lengths that installers require, no hand tools are needed either. 

The Benefits 

Ultimately, the utility trailer company determined that workers needed less time to install panels with die cut AFTs than with screws or rivets. The benefits didn’t end there, however. By reducing the risk of injury from metal shards and loud noises, the company protected its labor force. Instead of changing broken drill bits, workers enjoyed greater productivity. A safer, quieter, and more efficient plant isn’t just a better place to work. Thanks to these die cut tapes, the company’s customers benefited, too.     

Die cut acrylic foam tapes support utility trailers with a cleaner look and a quieter ride. Instead of seeing rows of rivets or screws, potential buyers see smooth sides. This clean, rivet-less appearance supports product differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Customers also appreciate utility trailers that don’t rattle on the roadways. Because there are no drilled holes that can become elongated or metal fasteners that can vibrate loose, die cut AFTs reduce road noise. 

Die Cut AFTs for Your Assembly Application 

Are you considering die cut acrylic foam tapes for your assembly application? Would you like to learn more about how die cut AFTs can save you time and money? The JBC Team is ready to help. For more information, contact us.

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