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By Mark Swanson on  9/7/2017

Assembly Tapes: Roll Slitting for Value-Added Die Cutting

Assembly Tapes: Roll Slitting for Value-Added Die Cutting

Roll slitting is a fast, precise, and cost-effective way to convert large rolls of material into smaller, narrower rolls. With lathe slitting, a tape converting process, a rotating blade cuts through a large roll called a log to create multiple tape rolls with specific widths. Log rolls are cost-effective to buy, but narrower tape rolls support assembly operations. In many industries, a type of assembly tape called acrylic foam tapes are replacing mechanical fasteners such as bolts and screws.  

JBC Technologies, an experienced die cutter and roll converter, provides tape slitting services that support the growing use of acrylic foam tapes. Today, applications for these die cut assembly tapes include appliances such as refrigerators, truck and trailer bodies, and furniture. Die cut AFTs are also used in electronic assembly and with highway, neon, and outdoor advertising signs. If you’re wondering whether acrylic foam tapes are right for your assembly operation, consider the value that JBC provides.

Why Use Acrylic Foam Tapes?

The core of an acrylic foam tape is a foamed adhesive that provides exceptional flexibility. When AFTs are applied properly, the two substrates that are joined can move or shear as much as 1/2” in all directions. Shearing, a type of joint stress, pushes one part of the assembly tape in one direction, and another part of the assembly tape in the opposite direction. Instead of retaining the stress at the bond line, however, the acrylic foam tape transfers the stress to the tape’s core.

This flexibility is unique to acrylic foam tapes and provides them with one of their major advantages over mechanical fasteners. Unlike bolts and screws, these assembly tapes don’t require handheld power tools and won’t loosen from vibrations. Plus, acrylic foam tapes can be applied to large areas quickly. AFTs also combine high strength and weather resistance with high viscoelasticity – the ability to absorb energy. There’s minimal waste and clean side lines for panel fabrication and structural glazing.     

Tape Slitting and Die Cutting for Assembly Tapes

JBC’s tape slitting services complement our precision die cutting capabilities. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can cut assembly tapes to a width tolerance that’s as accurate as +/- 1/32”. Because the assembly tapes we convert are never unwound, the risk of adhesive contamination is greatly reduced. Plus, our faster setups mean shorter leads times. To provide you with die cut products more quickly, JBC also keeps die cut assembly materials in stock.   

Would you like to learn to more about how tape slitting adds value to die cut assembly tapes? Are you wondering which acrylic foam tapes are the right choice for your application? The JBC Sales Team is ready to help. To learn more, contact us.


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