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By Mark Swanson on  1/10/2018

Die Cut Products and Die Cutting Materials: The Top Posts of 2017

Die Cut Products and Die Cutting Materials: The Top Posts of 2017

Die cut products and die cutting materials were hot topics with readers of the JBC Technologies Blog in 2017. The old year is behind us, but it’s not too late to learn from its most popular die cutting content. Here are the top five topics about die cut products and die cutting materials in order of views. What would you like to learn about in 2018?

Die Cut Acrylic Foam Tapes

Die cut acrylic foam tapes (AFTs) provide permanent, high-strength bonds that adhere to a variety of substrates and can replace mechanical fasteners. In JBC’s most-viewed post of 2017, readers learned how we source acrylic foam tapes from two of the world’s leading suppliers and can die cut 3M™ VHB™ tapes and AFTC™ SilverTape™ products.

Die Cut Foam Materials

Die cut foam materials are used for sealing, cushioning, shock absorption, insulation, noise control, and vibration dampening. In JBC’s second most-popular post for 2017, readers learned about trade names for open cell foams and closed cell foams. JBC sources die cut foam materials from Gaska Tape, Inc.®, Rubberlite, Rubberite Cypress Sponge, Reilly Foam Corporation, William T. Burnett & Co., and INOAC. 

Die Cut Silicone Gaskets for LED Lighting

Die cut silicone gaskets for LED lighting combine thermal management with environmental sealing, but some elastomers can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may reduce LED performance. In JBC’s third-most popular post for 2017, readers learned how we source silicone rubber that meets the outgas requirements of ASTM E595, a standard test method for outgassing.

Die Cut EMI Silicones

Die cut EMI silicones combine protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) with environmental sealing. These shielding elastomers are filled with metal or metal-coated particles, but are still soft enough to support gasket compression. In JBC’s fourth-most popular post, we compared die cut EMI silicones in terms of material costs, electrical conductivity, and shielding effectiveness.

Die Cut Ceramic Papers

Die cut ceramic papers come in two types: refractory ceramic fibers (RCF) and alkaline earth silicates (AES). In JBC’s fifth-most popular post of 2017, readers learned about die cut RCF such as Lydall® from Lytherm®, CeraTex® from Minseal, Kaowool® from Morgan Advanced Materials, and Fiberfrax® from Unifrax. Readers also learned about die cut AES materials such as Superwool®, Insulfrax®, and Isofrax®.    

More Die Cut Products and Die Cutting Materials

Do you have questions about die cut products and die cutting materials? JBC Technologies is ready to help, and welcomes your suggestions for blog content in 2018.  To get started, contact the JBC Sales Team.



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