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By Bob Lesher on  4/27/2022

JBC Technologies to Present at 2022 EV Battery Thermal Management Conference

Todd Wright Speaking at 2022 EV Battery Thermal Management Innovations Conference

Did you know that managing the temperature of an electric vehicle's battery and power system is a big deal? Seriously, there's an entire sub-segment of R&D devoted to EV battery thermal management and its systems and products. And that's why we're here with you chatting about it...mostly. You see, there's a trade show coming up - Battery Electric Vehicle Thermal Management Innovation 2022 - and JBC's involvement with it is kind of a big deal. Spoiler...we'll be speaking there!

At JBC Technologies, we're a huge proponent of using lightweight, custom die-cut solutions as a part of the EV battery thermal solution package. After all, it's what we do and it's a big part of the reason we decided to support the event as a featured speaker. Shows like this drive innovation within the EV space and their support helps drive the growth of all of the industry's members. Win-win all around, right?

Volkswagen EV Chassis with Exposed Li-Ion Battery Pack

What You'll Learn at the 2022 EV Battery Thermal Management Conference

  • How to Improve Energy Density and Performance of EV Battery Packs with Thermal Management Materials and Coatings
  • Battery Pack Design & Material Selection
  • Advanced Materials and Solutions to Limit Thermal Runaway
  • Ultra-Fast Charging Systems: Increasing Voltage and current for achieving higher charging power

Thermal Management Through Die-Cut Specialty Materials

But the best part of the conference, at least in our opinion is that our CEO, Todd Wright, will be presenting at the show. His presentation, titled, Thermal Management Through Die-Cut Specialty Materials will highlight materials that can be used to shield, spread, and isolate heat. It will also  provide insight on how a converter like JBC can add value by laminating multiple materials together to combine the performance benefits of each into a single part that can help  reduce weight, cost,  range, and safety of EVs.

Note to attendees: come for the wit, charm, and breezy approach to flexible materials converting subject matter. Stay for the easily accessible technical knowledge and actionable information.

Here's a little taste of what to expect:

  • Cost-effective EV battery thermal management through custom solutions and performance materials
  • High-performance heat spreaders for temperature uniformity
  • Ceramic papers and blankets in and around the battery pack
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives and thermal runaway barrier design
  • Value-added benefits of multi-layer specialty material stack-ups for thermal management
  • The features & benefits of components made using materials from our A-list manufacturers like 3M, Aspen Aerogels, DuPont, NeoGraf Solutions, Rogers Corporation, Thermal Ceramics Morgan Advanced Materials.
Prismatic EV Battery Cells with Compression Paper Separators EV Battery Pack with Insulation Panels Over Modules Prismatic EV Battery Cells Bonded Together Over Thermal Management Material Ev Battery Cells and Thermal Runaway Mitigation Illustration


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