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Bob Lesher

After starting and running several businesses and spending about 15 years working for other organizations in various technical and marketing roles, Bob joined JBC Technologies in 2019 as a PRECO die-cutting press operator. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University and he earned his MBA from Tiffin University. He also has an extensive background in new product development and marketing with a focus on business-to-business strategy. Bob was recruited by the JBC marketing team in 2020 and he currently drives JBC growth by using his talents for copywriting, content generation and editing, and social media management. Bob lives in Cleveland with his wife of 22 years and their three cats Tilda Swinton, Newton, and Henry.




JBC White Paper Feature: Thermal Management Solutions for Electronics Applications


Users constantly demand more from their electronic devices. Now more than ever they want smaller, sleeker, lightweight designs that are capable of processing at optimal speed. All that increased power consumption generates heat, and excess heat inhibits performance and reliability. With the demand for thermal management solutions on the rise, this paper takes a closer look at how to approach the challenge.

Thermal Insulation Electronics Die Cutting
JBC White Paper Feature: Thermal Management Solutions for Electronics Applications

On Demand Webinar: Value Analysis/ Value Engineering


Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE). A relatively simple set of ideas that could have a drastic impact on your business and your customers. At it's core, VA/VE is a set of processes that work together to balance customer expectations, value-driven marketing, engineering development and overall profitability.

value added engineering supply chain
Value Analysis Value Engineering Logo

Cutting to the Chase on Thermal Insulation Selection: A Material Converter's Perspective


Selecting the right thermal management materials for your appliance or HVAC application can be a daunting process especially when there are dozens, if not hundreds of options out there each with their own set of pluses and minuses. What if you could take a step back and look at this challenge through the eyes of a materials converter?

insulation appliance Thermal Management
Die cutting of thermal  insulation

COVID-19 Face Shields – The JBC Advantage


At JBC Technologies we’re putting our high-capacity rotary die cutting expertise and equipment to work to help close the personal protective equipment (PPE) supply chain gap, selling fully assembled disposable face shields and individual components.

Plastic PET Face Shields Foam PSA Medical Die Cutting
Face Shield Foam Die Cutting

Die-Cutting Materials Spotlight: PET Plastic


In today’s post, we’ll get to know more about PET plastic and just what makes it the world’s most widely used and recycled plastic. PET is experiencing a surge in demand as its use in medical face shields for the COVID-19 response continues to increase.

plastic PET rigid films die-cut PET die-cut plastic die-cutting
PET plastic medical face shields being cut on a die cutting press