Faces of JBC: Getting to Know Kaley Lucien


Welcome to another installment of our “Faces of JBC” series. It's all about the people behind the scenes who have made it their mission to ensure that our customers continue to receive brilliant service and high-quality products. Today we're featuring our Human Resources Generalist Kaley Lucien. Kaley's a relatively fresh face within the JBC organization and a powerful addition to our human resources team.

Team JBC Faces of JBC
Kaley Lucien, Human Resources at JBC Technologies, In the Garden

JBC Technologies to Present at 2022 EV Battery Thermal Management Conference


CEO Todd Wright of JBC Technologies will be presenting a paper about die-cut EV thermal management solutions at the 2022 EV Battery Thermal Management Innovations conference and exhibition being held on May 25, 2022 in San Jose, California

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Todd Wright Speaking at 2022 EV Battery Thermal Management Innovations Conference

Die-Cut Solutions for Electric Vehicle Batteries: Thermal Management


Electric vehicle batteries are very sensitive to changes in temperature and maintaining their surroundings at the proper conditions for optimal performance and safety is no easy task. Active thermal management systems can quickly become expensive and bulky, but with the careful placement of custom die-cut supplemental passive thermal management solutions made from high-performance specialty materials, EV manufacturers now have more options than ever when it comes to lightweight and effective EV battery thermal management.

Material Selection Strategic Sourcing Adhesive Tapes Electrically Conductive Tapes Thermal Interface Materials Ceramic Blankets Ceramic Papers Flexible Graphite Foam Synthetic Blankets Automotive Thermal Management Electric Vehicle Battery
Die-Cut Solutions for Electric Vehicle Batteries: Thermal Management

Conversational Converting: 10 Commonly-Used Die-Cutting Words and Phrases


We know that not everyone is as versed in the world of die-cutting as we are, that’s why we’ve created this handy dandy little list of ten of the most commonly used die-cutting terms to help you get started. That way, the next time you find yourself embroiled in a heated discussion about the pros and cons of butt cutting versus kiss cutting, you’ll be be able to hold your own against even the most seasoned converter.

Engineering Product Development Laminating Flatbed Die Cutting Rotary Die Cutting Kiss-cutting Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Scoring Pull Tabs
PRECO die-cutting machine with a roll of kiss-cut foam parts

6 Ways to Die-Cut Your Way to a Lighter Electric Vehicle Battery


The heart and soul of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is, not surprisingly, its battery. Unfortunately, it's the weight of these bulky portable power plants - often topping 1,500 pounds - that creates numerous challenges that drive the demand for the use of lightweight materials in their construction. Here are 6 ways that custom die-cut parts can help lower the weight of an EV battery.

Material Selection Product Development Adhesive Tapes Acrylic Foam Tapes TABshield Thermal Insulation Ceramic Papers ITW Formex Electrically Conductive Tapes Acoustic Insulation Foam Bonding Sound Deadening Thermal Management Electrical Insulation Automotive Battery Electric Vehicle
6 Ways to Die-Cut Your Way to a Lighter Electric Vehicle Battery

Adhesives for EV Battery Applications: Q&A


It’s been a while since our last Q&A post, but we are back at it again — this time interviewing Scott Krusinski, Product Manager - Automotive & Other Transportation for Avery Dennison Performance Tapes North America. Scott was kind enough to share his insights on how die cut tapes and adhesives can add value in electric vehicle battery applications. With no further ado..

Material Selection Engineering Adhesive Tapes Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Bonding Electric Vehicle Battery Automotive
Electronic Vehicle Battery