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By Brenda Doskocil on  3/30/2017

Case Study: Die Cut Foils for Automotive Heat Shields

Case Study: Die Cut Foils for Automotive Heat Shields

Die cut foils are used in automotive heat shields to provide thermal and acoustical insulation. These formable, flexible, thin-gauge materials can be micro-perforated for noise reduction, and can be laminated to high-temperature insulation to create foil-faced structures that absorb high heat and reduce temperatures quickly. As this case study shows, JBC Technologies provides die cut aluminum foils that solve design challenges and meet multiple requirements.

The Challenge

Foil that was laminated to high-temperature insulation could handle the heat, but couldn’t quiet the noise. Unwanted sounds (noise) from a vehicle’s exhaust system were reflected back at the source. This caused acoustical resonance, a phenomenon that amplifies sounds and can cause harsh vibrations. Acoustic resonance isn’t limited to automotive applications, but it’s a problem in an industry that knows consumers prefer quieter cars.

The Solution

Solid metal foils reflect sounds back to their source. Micro-perforated foils allow sounds to pass-through instead. By micro-perforating the die cut aluminum foil in the heat shield, JBC Technologies eliminated acoustical resonance and solved the design challenge. Tiny holes in the die cut foil support the absorption of sounds by high-temperature insulation with acoustical properties. Lamination joins the foil to the insulation for a die cut heat shield with a precise, two-dimensional structure.

The Benefits

Through value-added solutions, JBC Technologies produced heat shields that can both handle the heat and quiet the noise. The foil-faced insulation that we deliver is installed near the vehicle’s exhaust system and underneath the flooring to prevent “hot spots” that can result in occupant discomfort. By spreading concentrated areas of heat across the die cut foil’s entire surface, heat shields can reduce temperatures rapidly. Yet these die cut products from JBC do more than their name may suggest.

The heat shields that JBC Technologies provides have excellent acoustical properties. Thanks to micro-perforation, sounds pass through tiny holes in the die cut foil for absorption in the fibers of the insulation. For quieter, more comfortable vehicles, the automotive industry chooses heat shields from JBC Technologies, a value-added die cutter with over 25 years of experience. With manufacturing facilities in North Ridgeville, Ohio and Madison, Wisconsin (USA), we support the automotive supply chain.

Choose Die Cut Foils from JBC Technologies

Do you need die cut foils that can solve difficult design challenges and meet multiple requirements? JBC Technologies is ready to help. For more information, please contact us.


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