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By Mark Swanson on  9/28/2017

PVC Foam Tapes: Material Suppliers and Trade Names

PVC Foam Tapes: Material Suppliers and Trade Names

PVC foam tapes seal out air, dust, moisture, and light. They also insulate against impact and vibration. To meet requirements for compression, conformability, and cushioning, these assembly tapes come in low, medium, and high densities. There are many types of PVC foam tapes, but JBC Technologies sources materials from a strategic network of suppliers. The roll slitting and die cutting services that we provide add value to your projects because they speed installation times and maximize material yields.     

Gaska Tape

JBC sources PVC foam tapes from Gaska Tape in various densities. For example, Gaska Tape V710 is a low-density foam tape for general-purpose applications. Gaska Tape V1510 is a medium-density product that’s often used as a glazing tape. Gaska Tape V2510 is a high-density assembly tape for the most demanding sealing and cushioning requirements. All of these die cut PVC foam tapes feature a closed-cell vinyl foam construction that provides complete sealing when compressed 30% or more.     

In addition to tapes in the V700, V1500, and V2500 series, JBC provides roll slitting and die cutting for Eco Seal® foam tapes in Gaska Tape’s ESL series. Eco Seal tapes are made of polymeric foam and designed for industrial, automotive, medical, and construction applications. JBC also sources V612-FR series (Vyn-Alum) products. These closed-cell vinyl foam tapes are permanently cast-on heavy-duty aluminum foil. V612-FR meets the requirements of UL 723 for the surface burning characteristics of building materials.   

Novaguard Solutions and Foam Seal

Novaguard Solutions and its Foam Seal line of products include low, medium, high, and very high density tapes. JBC sources these materials along with assembly tapes like Foam Seal Sof-Seal, a super-soft, low-density, PVC foam for industrial applications that require a low force to compress. Foam Seal Aluma-Seal is a medium-density PVC foam that’s cast on an aluminum liner. Foam Seal 60-A is an automotive grade foam that meet automotive material specifications from GM, Ford, and Chrysler.


Finally, JBC sources Norseal® PVC foams from Saint-Gobain. These die cut tapes include automotive tapes for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Norseal A (low), Norseal B (medium), and Norseal C (high) differ in terms of density. For industrial applications, Norseal V820 (low), Norseal V740 (medium), and Norseal V760 (high) with different densities also support roll slitting and die cutting. Norseal V980 and Norseal V990 are medium-density glazing tapes with a paper or poly release liner, respectively.  

Strategic Sourcing, Roll Slitting, and Die Cutting for PVC Foam Tapes

Do you have questions about PVC foam tapes for sealing and insulation? Are you looking for assistance with tape selection, or would like to learn more about roll slitting and die cutting? JBC Technologies is ready to help. To get started, contact us.

Eco Seal® is a registered trademark of Gaska Tape

Norseal® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain


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