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JBC Converting Capabilities: Digital Die-Cutting & Rapid Prototyping


Do you need a small batch of custom, die-cut parts made from a relatively thick foam with complex internal geometry. And do you need them fast? JBC Technologies is known for our high-volume, precision die-cutting, but we know that not all customers need it. If you're looking for small batch maintenance parts or, in this case, some prototype parts for capabilities testing and you need them quickly, our rapid prototyping and digital die-cutting may be the thing...

Digital Die Cutting Engineering Prototyping
Foam parts being made on a rapid, dieless cutter at JBC Technologies

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Compound Die-Cutting


Die-cutting is different than stamping. Stamping typically involves metal. Die-cutting deals with flexible materials like foam, rubber, and plastic. Whether your squeak needs a rubber gasket or foam liner, a die-cutter can help. The best die-cutters will offer engineering support to your team before cutting your part, ensuring that what they're making will actually fix the squeak. There are several methods of die-cutting and in this article...

Compound Die Cutting
Foam gasket made with compound die-cutting at JBC Technologies