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JBC Adds Waterjet Cutting Services


JBC Technologies is proud to announce the addition of waterjet cutting to our already expansive list of converting capabilities. Not only does the addition of waterjet cutting services enable us to offer our customers a broader range of converting solutions for high volume production, but it also arms us with yet another method to create quick turn prototypes, building on our digital die-cutting capabilities.

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Waterjet Cutting Services

JBC Technologies Opens New Wisconsin Facility


JBC Technologies is excited to announce the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.  The new plant, which boasts 44,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space is almost double the size of JBC’s previous Madison location.

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JBC Technologies New Production Facility in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

6 Reasons to Work with JBC Technologies for Your Pulse Oximeter Bandage Converting Needs


Skin is complex to bond to for a number of reasons And, turning skin-friendly tapes and adhesives into finished pulse oximeter bandages requires state-of-the-art equipment and engineering prowess that many converters don’t have. It is important to work with a converter that has strong relationships with multiple adhesive manufacturers as well as the high speed, precision die-cutting equipment needed to produce complex parts… and one that will go the extra mile to ensure customer success. This post outlines six reasons that JBC checks all the right boxes.

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Die cut pulse oximetry bandages

4 Benefits Of Working With a Flexible Materials Converter


At JBC we cut specific shapes, slit to custom widths, swap liners, and present your part in the way that best suits your production environment. Not only that, we work with customers from early-stage design through high-volume production, providing value throughout the project lifecycle. This article, the last of our three-part series, explores four ways that working with a flexible materials converter like JBC Technologies can add value to your manufacturing process.

Prototyping Pull Tabs Laminating Part Presentation Kiss-cutting Flatbed Die Cutting Rotary Die Cutting
Rotary Die Cutting

5 Automotive Applications for Die-Cut Low Surface Energy Tapes & Adhesives


This article, the second in our three-part series, describes five common automotive applications that can benefit from a low surface energy adhesive. It will also discuss the benefits of each adhesive, as well as the advantages that JBC Technologies provides with our vertically integrated die-cutting and converting services.

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Low surface energy plastics in automotive interior

Bonding Low Surface Energy (LSE) Materials


Engineered plastics (like polypropylene and thermoplastics such as Nylon, COC, COP and PEBA, TPO, or TPE) and composites increasingly used in place of metals for automotive, appliance, aerospace, electronic, and medical applications. Yet while there are significant benefits to these materials, they are very difficult to adhere to due to a phenomenon called surface energy. This article, the first of our three-part series, will explain the importance of surface energy in the bonding process, and how 3M low surface energy (LSE) adhesives allow for a clean and secure bond on low surface energy plastics.

Material Selection Engineering Low Surface Energy (LSE) Adhesive Tapes Adhesive Tapes Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Bonding Attachment 3M
die cut adhesives for low surface energy applications